Sports Bursaries at Wits

Sports Bursaries at Wits

Wits Sport awards a limited number of bursaries each year to deserving student athletes.


Bursary awards are made possible by funding from the university itself, and by the generosity of alumni, the business and non-profit communities, and past Wits sports achievers. Applications for sports bursaries for the 2025 academic year, open on the 1st of April 2024 and close on 30th of September 2024. Please complete the online form here. Please note that only online applications will be accepted. Queries may be directed to the relevant sports officer (list of contact details available under the contact us tab).

We have allowed applicants who have missed the deadline to complete the Wits Sports Bursary Form to apply for Late Sport Bursary Applications. The potential awarding of bursaries for late applicants will be funding dependent and given consideration in February. Please complete the online form

Wits Sport also offers a full programme of academic support – academic monitoring and regulation – to ensure its bursary-holders meet their academic commitments as well. Bursary-holders may arrange a one-on-one consultation with Wits Sport bursary-academic support officer by e-mail only.