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Discover & Read More(novels for beginners)


Reading a novel may sound daunting most times (even for me) but I have learnt that it’s mostly due to the fact that I simply had not set my eyes to ‘the one’, the one book that is so good to read, you simply can not put it down and believe you me, these following books may be outdated and dusty but they will have you sucked into the world of paper and imagination without warning! (don’t say I didn’t warn ya)

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  1. These Things Really Do Happen To Me is by Eastern Cape author- Khaya Dlanga. The author hails from ( Dutyini) Mount Ayliff, a tiny town in the Eastern Cape. Khaya is typically known for his witty humour on Instagram posts, so much so that this book is derived totally from the unthinkable awkward posts he humorously shares about on his Instagram page. If you want a good-laugh, kicked back reading. I totally recommend this book. (better enjoyed with popcorn and a glass of shiraz)
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2. Hlomu The Wife took Mzansi readers by storm. It left us gushing for more, then obviously the author- Dudu Busani- Dube delivered; creating now a sequel by adding amongst of the books- The Zulu Brothers. South Africa went on a frenzy and has been expecting more of the authors intriguing tales. If you have read one of the books from Dudu’s sequels, do share one of your most ‘i wanna jump and put an end to this character’ moments of the books, cause wow, I have plenty!!!


3. If you have ever wondered what the world would have been if the colonial roles were reversed? this is for you. Noughts and Crosses explores the African culture that has colonised the English, however, the young children from the opposite worlds meet and fall for each other. Do these ‘star crossed lovers change their world??Find out! This is available as a series on Showmax as well .

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4. “Watching it & reading is not the same thing“, surely this phrase has come up in some of your conversations with bookworms at least once right! although this may be true, (books are better than movies) this is the one book I started with the movie instead & I was struck! I wanted to know more hence i retreated to the book after. I found so many pieces left out by the movie- so word of advice, Start with the book! If you enjoyed The Proposal with Sandra Bullock or Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts then this is your watch and READ!

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5. This is one of those books you hear about all the time but you just never find the time to read. but once you do, you ask yourself; what have I been waiting for this whole time? The Alchemist is about a young boy who leaves his home in search for something bigger, he embarks on a journey of discovering his destiny and realising his dreams of finding a treasure. This is essentially a piece of work that eleborates on what contenment, happiness and peace reallly are.

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6. Author of I Tweet what I Like: So…sue Me!
is a sensational writer. With so many students especially taking interest in her novels, she has become a Mzansi millennial sensation. Read her most sought after book: BARE and dive in!!

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7. If getting lost in wonderland made Alice feel dizzy. Then clearly Robin Sharma had no clue his book would be this enticing. This is the one book that will test your spirit, strengthen you and empower you, all the while making you wonder of what is beyond the world than just the existence of human emotions.

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8. This Zimbabwean novel will have any village-gown-up feeling nostalgic, and anyone wishing that they would have grown up around the Amarula trees. Nervous conditions by Tsistsi not only focuses on the transition of womanhood but also on how women should have opinions regardless of the time and age they find themselves in, talk about true feminism! it also zooms in on the concepts of the African culture.

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9. If there are any questions about religion, self-consciousness, family, church you may have, the narrator of Purple Hibiscus goes through them with you. In the process you will most likely cry, laugh and most certainly be enlightened. Purple Hibiscus is one of those novels by Chimamanda, that just have you from the get go!

I hope you guys have a blast reading these, and yes, they are all available digitally- you really have no excuse! happy reading!

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