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Video Creator: Ndivhuwo Muhanelwa

A Big Leap! The wait is over. Video creator, Ndivhuwo Muhanelwa (NoChill_god) hit 1 million views, in 14 days on his latest YouTube video, titled WATCH: NOCHILL SKYPE MEETING WITH NICKI MINAJ AND CARDI B.

NoChill for the past 5 days has been flabbergasted by the way this particular video has been receiving so many views in a short period of time. The internet-avenger broke his own record of views on YouTube with this video.

Here is the video below:

NoChill took to Instagram on Friday evening, the 20th of November to inform his fans and followers that his latest video is over the 800K views mark and he himself had been stunned by its views because this had never happened, and that is progress. A GREAT ACHIEVEMENT indeed. Every 6 hours from shocking fans by the video’s views, NoChill kept on posting Instagram Story updates on how the numbers are just not stopping.

Exactly 17 hours ago, the 21st on Saturday, NoChill took to Instagram with a post stating that the video has now reached over 1 million views with the most views straight from the United States of America. He captioned the post “1M views in 14 days…My God likes showing ooff, Bro God wait hle…resta” illustrating his excitement.

Here is NoChill’s Instagram post:

NoChill is an inspiration to many, as his efforts to learn and create and share what he has learnt and created truly does inspire the masses. His “people” as he says, and the very same people saying “Our President” in response has been a massive norm on his Instagram page. Nobody that follows his does not know this norm when he goes LIVE or posts a video, the comments by his followers, stating “Our President” is a form of appreciation towards him.

His videos truly does uplift people’s spirits and moods. His edited videos are hilarious to the masses and in turn also inspired them to create more content on the platform.

So much has changed in this year, we call 2020 and his videos made many had a laugh and a conversation over the videos. Humour plays a big part in people’s lives.

NOCHILLGOD! The king of Nochillinmzansi. The comedian, and viral video creator truly made South Africa and his followers proud.

He still has a lot to offer. As we wait in anticipation for his new content, lets congratulate him on this well achieved victory!

Tweeps took to Twitter as well after a post by the NoChillgod himself to congratulate him.

Here are some of the responses by tweeps:

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10 things that girls consider as boring in a relationship

1. After having sex with her, Do not sleep like you just worked night shift , Aowa even if you are feeling tired, cuddle with her and talk le girlfriend yagao. Rub her butty while talking to her, you will sleep later, girls love being rubbed marao , it doesn’t matter if she has a big ass or small. Avoid SanamaDying after sex bruh . entertain her, If you feel like dying , talk to her , you’ll die later .

2. If you want your relationship with that girl to last, stop boring her, girls love fun guys, stop being too serious..if she tells you a boring joke,laugh bruh .. that’s your girl. If is not you laughing at her jokes, who will? Some guys are laughing out loud like “hahahahaIwannasleepwithyouhaha”….but wena you can’t even smile . Otla jelwa , stop being SanamalaughStingy ..Laugh hard nigga..

3. On whatsApp when you are chatting with her , always make sure the conversation is lit , avoid texting short words to your girl , THAT’S A TURN OFF , Girls love long texts , if wena you busy omo shapha ka ” nyt boo” , ” i luv u” , ‘k’ you really don’t deserve a serious relationship with her . Stop being lazy and start typing paragraphs… some dudes are typing essays consists of a “headline” , “Body” and a “Conclusion” to your girl. WAKE UP BRA

4. Kiss your girl , grab her ass in front of all the ninja who wants her, from there, carry her, grab her ass and kiss her on her neck in front of all the girls who wants you. Show all those people that they don’t stand a chance. That’s how it should be done . But wena you act like your girlfriend is your Sanamaneighbor just to allow Difebe in your relationship .

5. Girls hates guys who act like pastors in a relationship, be sanamanaughty in your relationship a lil bit. Limit “nywee nywee Jacob is the son of Isaac and Rebecca boo, Samson killed the lion baby waka wee”, Cmon, there is no problem with having a biblical talk with her, but eish limit morena . O busy ka Samson someone out there is telling her about Romeo and Juliet…It’s a relationship not SanamaChurchip .. Focus madafada focuz

6. Short conversations are boring , and long boring conversation are more boring . What i mean is , Stop calling your girlfriend ka R2.00 airtime , and if you call her ka R200 airitme , entertain her . Stop being SanamaBoreCaller.. Your girl should get wet on ya’ll convo without you even saying sexual stuff…that’s how lit a convo should reach. it should reach her punani bruh . Girls love that…

7. A girl will text you “Ok bae let me sleep” just to test your interest on her, if she text you that, just reply “No I am still chatting with you” , she will be happy.But most of y’all niggas be letting your girls to sleep at 19:30 , c’mon who sleeps at that time these days? That’s where you get cheated on; some nigga out there is crossing night chatting with your girl asking her what she’s wearing. Girls love sanamaNaughtyQuestions .

8. Stop bragging about sex to her …“nywee nywee I can do you without stopping until your punani cries like pherre pherr..” really now ? A gentleman doesn’t talk talk , he act act …in fact if wena you brag about how good you are in sex, you deserve no sex & you are not even that good. ,Stop asking your girlfriend if you are good or not. Her actions will tell.

9. Yes , Money can’t buy love , but money can by food for your girlfriend and it will increase her Sanamariding performance and takes out her riding talent , Energy is the ability to do work . What i mean here is , Stop being stingy to your girl bruh. buy her food . Girls love food but hates to get fat but that aint your business. Just buy her food. She will ride along very nice .

10. Stop being a nagging nigga , SanamaNagNig aowa man , Sometimes being too much to your girl can be too much for her. “nywee nywee okae?. Give your girl a chance to breath with her friends sometimes . If she wanna cheat , let her cheat in peace . But my point is , let a girl breath nyana tuu . I’m done



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