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A list of where to Shot-left to this December (LOCAL IS LEKKER!!!)

Tiny quaint towns do not have to be a thing of the past now that travelling outside the country has become an anxiety-filled process. Explore right here at home, keep safe and be sure to have a blast!

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Port Alfred– The city of Venice in Italy is most famous for its boating life like the simple task of popping out to a grocery store requires a boat, luckily though, you do not have to board any plane to experience this thrilling life because you can do it right ‘next door’ here in our very own Mzansi.

The Eastern Cape is famous for its quaint villages, the dripping snows during winter, its coastal areas and of course, the language with the click: Xhosa. The exquisite picture above is a marina situated in Port Alfred, a tiny town in the Eastern Cape. The marina is built surrounding the Kowie River which is seen flowing in between the houses to the blue Indian Ocean- leaving the place beaming with beach houses, hotels and boats for hire. If you truly need to unwind whether, with friends, family or even host a wedding, take a shot left to the town that floats (well almost.) Activities to keep you entertained are listed here.

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South Broom– At the beginning of the year, Mzansi went on a craze upon hearing about this tiny town on Twitter. Taken aback by its chilled green forests and dark blue oceans, Mzansi fell in love with this coastal village- reports claim that visits and random ‘stops for a picture’ have since gradually increased. With a population of just under 2000 according to census 2011, South Broom is perfect for a little getaway. The coastal village is based in the north of KwaZulu-Natal and is graced with white sands and blue calm beaches. The green coastal forest just a few kilometres from the town is great for a weekend camp. If getting away from the city to connect with Mother Nature, this sure should entice you. Check out below some awesome stuff to get up to during your stay!

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Bela-Bela– The Limpopo province is well-known for its abundantly rich agricultural sphere and now, giving us the famous Bela-Bela, a resort in Limpopo with a Sotho derived verb meaning ‘Boiling-Boiling’. The verb is linked to the famous town’s hot springs which are the essential tourist attraction. The driving distance from Johannesburg and the Bela-Bela is approximately 172.3km meaning a 2-hour drive at the least. Some recommended accommodations include Elephant Springs Hotel & Apartment, Shangri-La Country Hotel & Spa and Leopards Rock Bush Boutique all within the price range starting from R500. For daily activities, you can visit the Mabalingwe Nature Reserve, go zip lining at Waterberg Adventures or check out the crocodile farm at Thaba Kwena Crocodile Farm.

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Dolphin Coast (Ballito)– Do you have a child obsessed with dolphins or you simply cannot get over these sweet shiny creatures yourself? The northern- coast of KwaZulu Natal is a place for you. Bottlenose dolphins can be spotted frequently parading themselves in the Indian Ocean waves. Although KZN weather is generally inviting all year-’round- September to December is the best time for whale and dolphin spotting all for free. Accommodation is widely accessible as the place is amongst the tourist A-list hotspot Zimbali.

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God’s Window (Mpumalanga)– Forget the Amazon Rain Forest and marvel the open green air of God’s Window in the Mpumalanga Province. God’s window stretches as far as a 250km view of lush green mountains and exotic plants.

To witness the famous views to the exotic plants and the dewy forest, steer away from the crowd and climb up a bit. This is a place excellent for hikers, make sure to carry your refreshments as the walk can get a bit strenuous. Some accommodations close by include; The Ukuthula cottages (10,7km) away from God’s Window and The Blyde Canyon, A Forever Resort (4,5km) away, both with prices starting from R1000. With just R10 entrance fee to the resort, you truly have no excuse to not come witness nature put on a show!

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watch: Kenyan pastor brought Jesus to his church

Kenyan pastor claims to have found ‘Jesus’, invites him to church

– Two Kenyan pastors have claimed to have allegedly found Jesus, the redeemer as described in Christian faith – The yet-to-be-identified pastors reportedly invited the ‘Jesus’ to their churches and had him dressed as the biblical version of the son of God – Two twitter users, @DeSaylor1 and @Kennytexxkkk shared the photos and stated that the pastors are presenting it as the return of Christ – The event was said to have happened in the small Kenyan town of Kitengela Two pastors, a Kenyan has allegedly claimed to have found Jesus and are presenting the man to their congregation as the son of God. Photos of the Caucasian male speaking to a group of people in what appears to be a church have surfaced on the internet and questions are being asked. According to a Twitter user, @Desaylor1, the yet-to-be-identified Kenyan pastor had the ‘Jesus’ dressed as the biblical version of Christ and had him speaking to his congregation after claiming to have found ‘Jesus’ on the streets of Kenya. Another Twitter user, @Kennytexxxkkk shared photos of the same ‘Jesus’ being introduced by a South African pastor to his members. The pastors allegedly told their congregants that ‘Jesus’ had returned and lucky for them, He landed in Africa first.

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Watch: Zodwa wabantu stripping on her new car

Zodwa Wabantu is, without a doubt, one of South Africa’s most successful media personalities. The star who has been in the entertainment industry for less than 5 years has achieved many career highs in a short space of time.

The starlet was thrust into the spotlight when DJ Tira signed her under his stable, and since then, the media personality has successfully dabbled as an artist, reality star, and businesswoman.

A couple of days ago, Zodwa shared images of her brand new car. Taking to Instagram, she wrote in part, “I used my Brains, my Legs & Lots lots of Respect in the Industry,” Take a look at the post below:
Zodwa is not just about buying cars. The reality star is also investing inland. In 2018, she took to social media to reveal that she had been investing her hard-earned money in property. Watch the video below:

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Road Accident Fund: Graduate / Internship Programme 2019 / 2020

Closing Date: 04 June 2019 23:55:00
Location: Johannesburg, Pretoria

The Road Accident Fund is committed to youth skills development by providing graduates with an opportunity to gain work experience. Applications are invited for the internship for unemployed graduates between the age of 18 and 35.The internship program will run for a period of twelve (12) months.

Work based exposure may include the following

How to generate positive publicity for the Road Accident Fund and enhance its reputation.

Qualifications and other Requirements

  • Certified copy of Grade 12 / Matric certificate.
  • Certified copy of your ID.
  • Certified copy of academic transcript.
  • Your CV and motivational letter.

Technical and behavioral competencies required

The successful candidates will be required to display the following competencies in this role:

  • Written and verbal communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Detail orientation
  • Desire and potential to learn
  • Self-motivated
  • Basic computer skills
  • Prioritize tasks as needed


CLAIMS Grad / Intern  [x20]Ref: CI24052019JHB
Certified Grade 12/ NQF 4 level certificateCertified copy of Diploma / B Degree / Advanced Diploma / LLB
Project Coordinator Grad / InternRef: 24052019PCI (Pretoria)B Com or BSc Degree or National Diploma in Business Administration @ NQF Level 6/7Certified copy of Grade 12 / Matric certificateNB: Applications can be forwarded to the following mail address: iaho@raf.co.za
Business Analysis Grad / InternRef: 24052019BAI (Pretoria)B Com or BSc Degree or National Diploma in Business Process Analysis or National Diploma in Industrial Engineering or related fieldCertified copy of Grade 12 / Matric certificateNB: Applications can be forwarded to the following mail address: iaho@raf.co.za

How To Apply

NB: Applications can be forwarded to the following mail address: JHBinternship@raf.co.za

No hand delivered applications will be accepted.


  1. Indicate the province and the reference number for the Internship you are applying for on the subject line.
  2. Submit a short CV and a motivational letter as to why your application should be considered with a maximum of 3 pages, applications with no academic transcript will not be considered.
  3. Applicants are restricted to apply for a maximum of 3 positions only (to complete an application for each ref number)
  4. Applicants must be unemployed, was never employed in the field of the post and never participated in an Internship programme in the relevant field of the post previously
  5. The applicant must not have previously served as an intern  before.
  6. Should it be found that the applicant previously served as an intern  and did not disclose that info and it is discovered later, the applicant will be disqualified.

The Road Accident Fund subscribes to the principles of employment equity and preference will be given to groups who are underrepresented in terms of our Employment Equity Plan

Please note that the prospective employees will be subjected to security vetting

NB:  Applicants who have not received any correspondence from us within six weeks from the closing date can consider themselves unsuccessful


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* If her cooking is bad , eat and be thankful for that..at least she is trying to make you happy , she is taking care of you . Appreciate her little effort . Do not think she is trying to buy your love or something. Nah my friend , Your girlfriend is just caring for you.

* Do not think your girlfriend is a freak or a B**tch because she offers you her welele countless times. she is only giving it to you , do not feel comfortable in your thought and take it as she love a dicks . Trust me, they’re so many guys out there who got dicksons that are nicer than yours. So my brother , think !!

* Don’t ever take advantage of her because she is kind and sweet to you , do not confuse her kindness with stupidity and cheat on her. Only if you know , she is rejecting other guys out there and she is even bitter to them just because she already have you . Know that and respect her my friend!!

* Just because she is quiet about you flirting with other girls doesn’t mean that she is a dumb , Some ladies prefer being quiet just for the sake of relationship ..You might be thinking you are the ish and stuff but one day , it might not be today or next year but one day you’ll regret seeing her treated better by someone .

* God created Eve for Adam , not Adam for eve , what i mean is , your girlfriend is a blessing , You’ve been blessed as a man , So respect your girl , love your girl and let her know she is your only girl . My friend, You will never finish these girls , so if she loves you , love her , focus on her and forget about other girls.

* Do not think she is desperate for love or she is obsessed with you just because she always forgives you every time you mess up, you cheated on her once, twice , then thrice , and she still forgave you? , she is not a stupid my nigga, you are the stupid one here…She is just hoping that one day you’ll stop being a boy and you man up .

* Do not complain or shout to her when she is seeking for your attention, Yes she needs your attention because you are her man. Make time for your bae and do not ignore your bae. Shallow your pride and let bae have your attention. She is gonna annoy you too much and if you ain’t ready for that , then go date a rock that work annoy you !!

* When she shouts at you and sometimes ignore you, do not call it a quit my friend , why would you quit for someone who is caring. If she didn’t care, she wouldn’t be shouting at you . So go make sure you talk to her and never give up when she ignores you …Talk to her until she talks back…its your bae mooz

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Please bath!! , I will repeat this and I’ll be very loud ..PLEASE BATH !!.. Your welele should be bathed thoroughly. Do not be that kind of girl who takes off the penty and the whole room starts smelling diesel , are you a diesel mechanics ? , Aowa baptize the welele with some dove and take out the diesel …Lol we don’t want bo Miss Vin Diesel

If you are on your periods , Do not even think of going to your boyfriend’s place. Or if you want to go there , be sure that you are ready to suck his dick for fun . if not , just chill at home baby girl. Trust me , to chill with your partner doing nothing is boring and waste of time. At least giving him a blow job will make a different .
if you going to visit your boyfriend , make sure the outfit is on point , you know what I mean by that . Avoid wearing tight jean, skinny jean that takes 30 mins to take them off …. You can wear a Yoga / leggin if you feeling cold but no tight high waists jean . If you wear that when coming to visit me , I’ll cut it with a knife fam coz you’ll be wasting my time

Make sure the shoes you wearing doesn’t smell , even your socks . I know that going to visit your boyfriend doesn’t automatically mean you going to have sex , but what if it happens? . are you going to ride him with your smelling tomy’s on? . So check to avoid being SanamaTomyRider my sister
The Big purse you carry full of everything except money , hay ladies we understand that you put your make-up stuff in there , but you can’t be carrying a 250kg purse as if there’s a lil nigga in there. Aowa gerara here with your purse !! ..be simple and carry a small purse …

Before you go visit your man , eat healthy. Avoid eating boiled eggs , beans and other foods that will make you fat all day long. Make sure the food you ate won’t cause you running stomach . Lol imagine having sex and the next time you kaak yourself . Nah fam kaak-sex is not needed at all . SanamaKaak is a no no !!

ligwafa a.k.a armpit batho ba modzimo , ei ei ei , Put some roll on please , that thing is dangerous . It can destroy your mood, ruin your day and destruct the spirit of hug. Before carrying that 250kg purse of yours and wearing those smelling tomy’s , smell the gwafa first, & make sure is not poisonous. Ladies daaidang it’s a turn off. Be a lady and smell Good!!

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10 things that girls consider as boring in a relationship

1. After having sex with her, Do not sleep like you just worked night shift , Aowa even if you are feeling tired, cuddle with her and talk le girlfriend yagao. Rub her butty while talking to her, you will sleep later, girls love being rubbed marao , it doesn’t matter if she has a big ass or small. Avoid SanamaDying after sex bruh . entertain her, If you feel like dying , talk to her , you’ll die later .

2. If you want your relationship with that girl to last, stop boring her, girls love fun guys, stop being too serious..if she tells you a boring joke,laugh bruh .. that’s your girl. If is not you laughing at her jokes, who will? Some guys are laughing out loud like “hahahahaIwannasleepwithyouhaha”….but wena you can’t even smile . Otla jelwa , stop being SanamalaughStingy ..Laugh hard nigga..

3. On whatsApp when you are chatting with her , always make sure the conversation is lit , avoid texting short words to your girl , THAT’S A TURN OFF , Girls love long texts , if wena you busy omo shapha ka ” nyt boo” , ” i luv u” , ‘k’ you really don’t deserve a serious relationship with her . Stop being lazy and start typing paragraphs… some dudes are typing essays consists of a “headline” , “Body” and a “Conclusion” to your girl. WAKE UP BRA

4. Kiss your girl , grab her ass in front of all the ninja who wants her, from there, carry her, grab her ass and kiss her on her neck in front of all the girls who wants you. Show all those people that they don’t stand a chance. That’s how it should be done . But wena you act like your girlfriend is your Sanamaneighbor just to allow Difebe in your relationship .

5. Girls hates guys who act like pastors in a relationship, be sanamanaughty in your relationship a lil bit. Limit “nywee nywee Jacob is the son of Isaac and Rebecca boo, Samson killed the lion baby waka wee”, Cmon, there is no problem with having a biblical talk with her, but eish limit morena . O busy ka Samson someone out there is telling her about Romeo and Juliet…It’s a relationship not SanamaChurchip .. Focus madafada focuz

6. Short conversations are boring , and long boring conversation are more boring . What i mean is , Stop calling your girlfriend ka R2.00 airtime , and if you call her ka R200 airitme , entertain her . Stop being SanamaBoreCaller.. Your girl should get wet on ya’ll convo without you even saying sexual stuff…that’s how lit a convo should reach. it should reach her punani bruh . Girls love that…

7. A girl will text you “Ok bae let me sleep” just to test your interest on her, if she text you that, just reply “No I am still chatting with you” , she will be happy.But most of y’all niggas be letting your girls to sleep at 19:30 , c’mon who sleeps at that time these days? That’s where you get cheated on; some nigga out there is crossing night chatting with your girl asking her what she’s wearing. Girls love sanamaNaughtyQuestions .

8. Stop bragging about sex to her …“nywee nywee I can do you without stopping until your punani cries like pherre pherr..” really now ? A gentleman doesn’t talk talk , he act act …in fact if wena you brag about how good you are in sex, you deserve no sex & you are not even that good. ,Stop asking your girlfriend if you are good or not. Her actions will tell.

9. Yes , Money can’t buy love , but money can by food for your girlfriend and it will increase her Sanamariding performance and takes out her riding talent , Energy is the ability to do work . What i mean here is , Stop being stingy to your girl bruh. buy her food . Girls love food but hates to get fat but that aint your business. Just buy her food. She will ride along very nice .

10. Stop being a nagging nigga , SanamaNagNig aowa man , Sometimes being too much to your girl can be too much for her. “nywee nywee okae?. Give your girl a chance to breath with her friends sometimes . If she wanna cheat , let her cheat in peace . But my point is , let a girl breath nyana tuu . I’m done



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