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A Second Wave May Hit in January 2021.

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ZikhonaMataka| November 2020| Nochillinmzansi

South Africa recently saw a promising future concerning covid-19 after the lockdown was lifted back in September. However, the latest reports claim that some European countries are seeing a rise of covid-19 cases. In South Africa alone, 2217 new Covid 19 cases have been confirmed today but professor Abdul Karim- a South African epidemiologist assures that South Africa is not in a second wave right now.

For the past weeks, cases of Covid-19 have been stable however the health department is concerned that with the festive season approaching there could be reckless actions that could lead to super- spreader events and increased infections especially in the rural parts of the country. Latest reports claim that most parts of South Africa are monitored as stable except for places in the Eastern Cape such as Port Elizabeth (Nelson Mandela Bay hospital) which is “currently overwhelmed with the Covid-19 surge” and some parts of the Western Cape.

The Professor went on to highlight some of the worries he has; particularly of the festive season saying “my concern is the December period when there are three things that are going to happen that worry me: firstly, that people become complacent while on holiday and they stop wearing masks and do not practice social distancing and the second thing is that they start going to parties and we will end up with super-spreader events. I’m anxious about the intergenerational family gatherings where children are meeting their parents and their grandparents and therefore putting the elderly at risk. These three things that I am deeply concerned about over December could end up with us in the second wave in January 2021″ he explained.

South Africa, although the country may be open and some activities carrying on as normal, PLEASE do continue practising social distance, wash your hands & sanitise and always wear your mask. this way it’ll be easier to stay safe here in 2020 and curb the Second Wave in 2021. Let’s make the future less gloomy Mzansi!

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