‘Uzalo’ halts production due to Covid-19

Uzalo production is to be on halt because of COVID-19 cases.

SABC 1’s popular soapie Uzalo has become the latest big name show to halt production due to Covid-19 after a crew member tested positive for the coronavirus.

In a statement, the broadcaster said it has been notified by producers, Stained Glass TV,  that it was shutting down on Friday and would “follow all the necessary protocols”.

It said the broadcast of the soapie would not be affected.

The broadcaster confirmed that all other productions which had been halted because of the virus had now resumed.

This includes Muvhango, which put a stop to filming last month to reduce the risk of exposure to Covid-19 on and off the set.

Uzalo actress Thuthuka Mthembu said the production had gone a long way to ensure safety on set. This included limiting the number of people on set for a recent wedding scene, social distancing, wearing of masks and sanitising before exchanging rings.

“The work we do requires us to get up close and personal with each other, so it has been incredibly challenging and we have had to do things differently.”

“We have our masks on and we are doing a lot of communicating with our eyes. It has to happen for the safety of all of us.”

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Skolopad diagnosed with Covid-19

Skolopad tests positive for Covid.

Weeks after fearing she might have contracted the coronavirus, socialite Skolopad has revealed she has tested positive for Covid-19.

The star, who is a nurse by profession, took to social media two months ago to share her concern about catching the virus, having witnessed its effects in hospitals. Despite showing symptoms, her test results in May came back negative.

She returned to Instagram on Thursday to reveal she recently had a second test, which came back positive.

Speaking about the diagnosis, the star said she was confident she would “be okay”.

“Just got a phone call saying my results came back positive for Covid-19,” she said in the post.

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I will be ok😘💃💃

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Skolopad has previously urged her followers to take the virus seriously and not give up hope.

“Be strong because things will get better. It may be stormy now, but it never rains forever,” she said in a post of encouragement to fans and fellow health workers.

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Media personality Minnie Dlamini-Jones encourages people to allow themselves to change their goals

The beautiful Minnie Dlamini / Instagram
Minnie explained what changed her initial train of thought.

Minnie is one of the most successful media personalities in SA and, has more than a decade in the industry under her belt.

There’s no doubt in mind that Minnie Dlamini is an experienced millionaire, having apparently made her first million before turning 21, and the TV presenter recently shared how she balances rewarding herself and saving her hard-earned money.

Her fans lined up to soak in the words of wisdom she recently took to Twitter to share.

“So I sometimes set goals to reward myself for my work. So when I was younger it was making my first million before I turned 21,” she explained.

The recently-turned-30-year-old, revealed how she had planned to buy herself an expensive watch for her milestone birthday, but then decided that she would rather invest the money in something else.

Minnie explained what changed her initial train of thought and told her followers that she could have easily bought the expensive timepiece to reward herself for all her hard work over the past decade.

However, her financial maturity saw her invest the money instead and she was proud of not allowing herself to believe that she had failed just because she shifted the goalpost.

“I then thought long and hard about this purchase, then I decided against it,” she said.

“Just because I didn’t buy the watch doesn’t mean I didn’t achieve my goal. I ended up getting myself something far more valuable. We get stuck with tunnel vision and sometimes the goals we set are just a stepping stone for something greater. Don’t be afraid to shift the goalpost!”

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Bonang returns to SABC1 with a new show: ‘A very Bonang Year’

Bonang new shows premiers early August on SABC1

After capturing the hearts of Mzansi as a presenter on SABC1’s entertainment show Live Amp more than a decade ago, media mo’gul Bonang Matheba has returned to the channel with a new reality show.

The star has been teasing the new show, based in part on her time and experiences in the US last year, for several months. There were talks about it being a holiday special or an exclusive on a streaming service.

Fans were finally put out of their misery on Tuesday night when it was announced that the highly-anticipated series, now named ‘A Very Bonang Year‘, had found a home on SABC1.

Speaking at a virtual media launch on Tuesday, Bonang spoke old how 2019 was one of the biggest years in her career, and fans will finally be able to see what she has been up to.

“I thought because 2019 was such a big year, I want everybody to be able to see what the hell I have actually been up to. I thought this is the perfect time to bring the story back home, to come home.”

She said the show will inspire viewers to not give up on their dreams and have their own great year.

The show will follow Bonang on her “global expansion”,  journeying from Prague to London, Manchester, New York and Los Angeles.

A teaser for the show was released, showing several behind the scenes moments from Bonang’s trip.

The show officially premieres on Saturday 1st of August 2020.

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#KhanyiMbauGetsEngaged: Khanyi Mbau was shook to find out she’s engaged on Twitter

Khanyi Mbau shook by engagement announcement on Twitter.

Nobody was more confused than Khanyi Mbau on Tuesday morning when she woke up to find her name trending because of a bizarre announcement about an engagement she had no idea had even happened.

Tweeps have been toying with celebrities on the TL recently and Khanyi was the latest victim of their baseless tweets. It seemed to be a game that “past midnight” Twitter users are into, where they create a rumour and run with it.

Poor Khanyi woke up so confused.

“Woke up to this #KhanyiMbauGetsEngaged trending! What’s going on? How am I engaged? To whom? To what?” she asked.

Khanyi never actually got a straight answer and even though the hashtag is topping the Twitter trends list, it is mainly because people are just as confused as Khanyi.

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Sama nominations reignite beef between Maphorisa and Prince Kaybee

Maphorisa and Prince Kaybee don’t seem to give each other a break.

Like the Covid-19 pandemic, beef between Amapiano musicians Prince Kaybee and DJ Maphorisa doesn’t look like it will end any time soon.

The pair dug up the hatchet again over the weekend when Maphorisa weighed in on the SA Music Awards (Samas) nominees.

The top 20 shortlist for Record of the Year and Music Video of the Year awards were revealed last Thursday, with several big omissions.

Master KG, Sho Madjozi and Makhadzi were some of the artists fans thought should have been nominated.

Maphorisa slammed the awards, saying there needed to be a change in the way artists were selected for the awards.

Kaybee has received the most nominations so far, with his hits Gugulethu, featuring Afro Brothers, Indlovukazi and SUPTA, and Fetch Your Life, featuring Msaki,  nominated in both categories.

He was watching Maphorisa’s rant and hit his rival with a simple “subaweak”.

Phori was having none of it and told Prince Kaybee to go buy his masters before he speaks.

He added that he was at level: international and was not bothered about the Samas,  beyond speaking out for Limpopo artists who had been snubbed.

Kaybee had, however, already lost interest and moved on to provoking his other rival,  Cassper Nyovest.

The star had the streets in meltdown mode when he teased the visuals for his new music video, featuring a bus with Cassper’s nickname on it.

As one fan pointed out, if he doesn’t win at the Samas, at least Kaybee gets the award for “Pettiest Artist of the Year”.

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Everything you need to know about SA’s new lockdown Regulations

There are more than a dozen new pieces of legislation that were thrusted upon South Africa.

Cyril Ramaphosa spoke to the nation at 20:00 last night and announced a few regulations that are to be changed as of the beginning of this week.

There are more than a dozen new pieces of legislation that were thrusted upon South Africa.

They cover everything from alcohol, cigarettes and wearing a mask to when you can leave your home.

The laws, gazetted by cooperative governance and traditional affairs (Cogta) minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, take effect immediately.

This is everything you need to know about the new Disaster Management Act regulations.

Booze banned (Regulation 44)

“The sale, dispensing and distribution of liquor is prohibited,” the Act states, giving legal force to the announcement made by President Cyril Ramaphosa on Sunday night.

The regulation also bans the transportation of liquor, except if it is required for industries producing hand sanitisers, disinfectant, and similar products. Transportation of alcohol is allowed for export, and from manufacturing plants to storage facilities.

Tobacco products  still banned (Regulation 45)

Unsurprisingly, the new regulations continue the ban on tobacco and related products.

The regulation states: “The sale of tobacco, tobacco products, e-cigarettes and related products to members of the public and to persons, including retailers who sell directly to the members of the public, is prohibited. The sale of tobacco, tobacco products, e-cigarettes and related products for export is permitted. The sale of tobacco from farmers to local processors or local manufacturers, and from processors to manufacturers, is permitted.”

Curfew is back on (Regulation 33)

Rampahosa said on Sunday that many of the social ills linked to excessive alcohol consumption took place at night, which meant a curfew needed to be brought back. This was made law by regulation 33 of the Act.

“Every person is confined to his or her place of residence from 9pm until 4am daily, except where a person has been granted a permit to perform a service permitted under Alert Level 3, or is attending to a security or medical emergency,” the law states.

Wearing a mask is not an option — it’s the law (Regulation 5)

Regulation 5, which governs the wearing of masks, has been changed to force South Africans to wear them, including in open spaces.

“The wearing of (a) a cloth face mask, (b) a homemade item, or (c) another appropriate item, that covers the nose and mouth, is mandatory for every person when in a public place,” the regulations state.

They go further to state that you cannot use any form of public transport — in any capacity or role — without wearing a mask. You also cannot go into or be inside a building, place or premises without a mask. You cannot “be in any public open space” without a mask.

The exception is for people who are performing “vigorous exercise in a public place”. However, social distancing must be in place, with the person doing the exercise maintaining “a distance of at least three metres from any other person”. What defines “vigorous” will be determined by health minister Dr Zweli Mkhize in due course.

Employers must provide masks, and that includes school bosses (Regulation 5)

“An employer must provide every employee with a cloth face mask, homemade item, or another appropriate item that covers the nose and mouth when in the workplace,” regulation 5 of the Act states.

The law says an employer may not allow any employee to perform any duties or enter the employment premises if the employee is not wearing a mask, or something appropriate.

It also puts similar responsibilities on the shoulders of school owners, managers and principals.

“The principal of a school, or owner or manager of an early childhood development centre, must take all reasonable steps to ensure the relevant authority supplies the school or early childhood development centre with sufficient cloth face masks, homemade items, or other appropriate items that covers the nose and mouth to provide to a learner of that school or early childhood development centre who does not have a cloth face mask, homemade item, or another appropriate item that covers the nose and mouth,” the law states.

If a pupil arrives at school without a mask, they may be provided with an appropriate item, if possible, or must be “isolated and his or her parent, guardian or caregiver must be contacted to, without delay, bring [one] for the learner”. If this isn’t possible, plans must be made to safely transport the child back home.

You can go to your local park (Regulation 39)

The new regulation removes “beaches” from the list of prohibited places, and also allows you to visit parks. However, this is not permitted for exercising and is “subject to health protocols”. 

Taxis can operate at 100% capacity (Regulation 43)

In what is perhaps a surprise move, but one that seems to show government buckling to pressure, taxis have been allowed to operate at full capacity for local trips. This is defined as anything less than 200km.

“For purposes of this regulation ‘long distance travel’ is a trip of 200km or more. whether the travel is within a province or interprovincial,” subsection 1 of the regulation states.

For long distance trips, a 70% capacity is permitted.

“Bus and taxi services may operate under the following conditions: (a) May not carry more than 70% of the licensed capacity for long distance intra-provincial and permitted interprovincial travel; and (b) may carry 100% of the licensed capacity for any trip not regarded as long distance travel in terms of sub-regulation (1),” the law states.

Punishment for breaking the rules (Regulations 14 & 48)

Regulation 14 deals with specific punishment for those who fail to enforce the wearing of masks within their ambit of operation. Regulation 48 is overarching and deals with people who break the laws themselves.

Regulation 14 states that when those responsible for enforcing the wearing of masks laws fail to do so — whether it be a taxi driver, company owner or school principal — they could face, on conviction, “a fine or imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months, or to both such fine and imprisonment”.

Regulation 48 also hands down the same punishment for those who breach other regulations — that is a fine or imprisonment of no more than six months, or both.

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AKA tests positive for Covid-19

Aka tests positive for COVID-19

Rapper AKA is the latest high-profile personality to test positive for Covid-19.

As cases of the novel coronavirus continue to rapidly increase, The Fela In Versace hitmaker issued a statement on Instagram on Friday, revealing his results.

The rapper said he decided to make his results public to “caution citizens to be more careful”. 

The rapper has also urged South Africans to adhere to social distancing guidelines and to wear their masks.

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Black coffe In Tax Drama!

South African DJ, Black Coffee joins some of SA celebs who’s been in trouble with SA Revenue Service (SARS).

World-renowned South African musician Nkosinathi “Black Coffee” Maphumulo is the latest Mzansi celebrity to land up in trouble with the taxman.

According to legal papers submitted by the award-winning record producer at the Johannesburg High Court recently, the 44-year-old, who is known for his sold-out shows across South Africa and internationally, may owe the SA Revenue Service (SARS) millions of rands.

The paper reports that Black Coffe owes SARS R40 Million for being in arrears income tax, but negotiated to pay R8 million after he made a representation on his present financial position and inability to comply with R40 million assessment.

He also said he had reached an agreement with SARS to dispose of his immovable properties to generate funds to pay the R8 million, specifically to avoid the attachment of his properties. 

Maphumulo’s statement read: “Considering the nature of his business, it is impossible to predict or state his average monthly income due to the fact that it fluctuates substantially as a result of not only market forces, but also the seasonality of the industry.” 

When the media approached SARS for comments this week, spokesperson Siphithi Sibeko said this was a private matter between the revenue service and a taxpayer. 

“As Sars, we are prohibited to disclose or comment on taxpayers’ confidentiality,” he said.

Black Coffee’s representative, Kagiso Dinaka, declined to comment on the tax matters. 

The DJ is also set to sell some of his properties to pay for his debt Black Coffee and Enhle Mbali  recently had tongues wagging after it was reported that Mbali demanded R4 million, for her legal fees as their divorce drama continues.

Clearly there are more problems that he is currently facing in his personal life.

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Former Uzalo actress Sphelele Mzimela has revealed that she’s expecting twins

Sphelele Mzimela proudly reveals she’s been blessed with twins
Sphelele Mzimela proudly reveals she’s been blessed with twins. This hot momma-to-be is ready for the challenge.
Source: Instagram

Isibaya’s ‘Kentucky’ – SpheleleMzimela, a KZN born artist who’s living it big in the city of Jozi took to social media, and revealed that she is not expecting just one baby, but two!! She chose to make the big announcement with the help of Move! magazine.

Speaking to Move! magazine, Sphelele opened up about the many years she struggled to conceive and how she never went to a doctor to find out why she wasn’t falling pregnant because a real diagnosis of an inability to conceive would have broken her heart.

“I was scared of finding out that maybe I will forever struggle to have children or something,” she said.

However, Sphelele said now that her double miracles had arrived she’s realised that the stars weren’t aligned properly when she previously tried to conceive.

The actress took to her Instagram to announce that she was carrying twins. Sphelele speaks about her pregnancy and her excitement under the heading ‘My Two Little Miracles’. It looks like twins run in both Sphelele and her baby daddy’s families.

“My grandmother (my mother’s mother) whom I haven’t seen since I was 8 came to visit us a few weeks ago. She revealed to me that twins actually run in our family. The father of my children, his mother is a twin. 

“I get that it might not have been that I was unable to conceive, the stars were just not aligned. I have never been happier but carrying twins is wild,” she said.

Congratulations momma! You have been blessed beyond description.

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