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Benjamin Gentles | January 2021 | Nochillinmzansi

Males and Females experience the world differently. It is quite evident how each sex performs in different fields and especially on Social Media.

People may have many theories as to, and I would have theories of my own on as to why its apparent that the women are killing the Social Media Game more than men.

Let me challenge you for a second. You can either do it right now or at a later stage after reading this article. Head onto your Instagram and go to your followers list, you’d notice that approximately 70-90% of your followers depending on how big your account is or maybe if you may know persons either close to you or persons you know on social media that wants to be an Influencer with everything they got, on Instagram specifically, have an attractive feed, they have a few passion, but they do not have many followers to ultimately qualify to be an influencer or even a micro-influencer, but they want to be that person that has millions of followers because you love food, love to travel or love travel photography.

Unfortunately, that industry is brutal to men. Its evident that sexism exist in the real world, and that there is a huge pay gap with women and men. In the real world, for years it is better to be a man than it is to be a woman.

This Is A Bad Issue, do not get me wrong, frankly it needs to be resolved in the real world, however if you a male and you want to become an influencer, you have little to no chance to be one because looking at the state of the influencer market today, it is dominated by females.

Females are better at making communities and creating content…the statement is arguable yes, but that is just the way it is. Females are super extraordinary in the influencer market to-date. They dominating social media as is. Men just can’t be travel, fashion influencers as successfully as females.

It is not easy to escalate as an influencer on Instagram unless you have a huge amount of content to post with the perfect balance in aesthetics, constant collaborations and high-quality content.

Examples of female influencers, that are increasingly upcoming and are already crushing it on Instagram.

Yes, there are male influencers who are crushing it, but if you look at your social media, those males are either really good at fashion, fashion streetwear or photography. They are just specialists at style and fashion. Some can be really rich, constantly networking with rich people, hanging around beautiful girls/models and collaborating with them or even getting shout outs. Being an Artist perhaps.

You have to be really good at something in real life to be a successful influencer and crush the market. You have to work extra hard to be noticed and some will not even get noticed as quick as they expect, but for females, the good news is, if you want to be an influencer, you do not necessarily have to be good at something in real life, the industry is just built that way. You can be good at social media and succeed at this life thing.

Males can dominate as well, but it is a uphill battle to get there and dominate as fast as they want to. Females dominate the influencing market and they surely can dominate the real world as well.

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South African Stars made It Into The #YouTubeBlackVoices Creator Class of 2021

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Benjamin Gentles | January 2021 | Nochillinmzansi

Mzansi’s very own creators among 20 other content producers from Africa has been selected to receive a grant for the development of their channels from the #YouTubeBlackVoices fund.

Lasizwe, Sho Madjozi, MacG Mukwevho and other South African content producers have been selected for this fund.

This is an amazing achievement and opportunity for a Black YouTuber. The fund assist them with the development of their channel and the development of themselves. The 20 content creators from Africa that has been selected with take part in an intensive three-week incubator programme, which involves some workshops, community engagement and wellbeing, networking programmes and training. They are part of an overall 132 creators from across the world!

We’re excited to spotlight Black creatives and to continue to center both their voices and perspectives. As part of that mission, we developed the #YouTubeBlackVoices grant program, which is an initiative dedicated to investing in Black creators and artists, and equipping them with the resources to succeed on our platform.” – YouTube Team

Additional South African YouTubers part of #YouTubeBlackVoices Creator Class of 2021:

Owamie Hlongwane

Ofentse and Nelisiwe Mwase

Kay Ngonyama

Thato Rampedi

Naledi Monamodi

Nicolette Mashile

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Trevor Noah drops R400M on Bel-Air Mansion

Trevor Noah

Benjamin Gentles | January 2021 | Nochillinmzansi

Trevor Noah, host of “The Daily Show” concluded 2020 on a high note as he has splashed R400 million on this impressive mansion in Bel-Air, a neighbourhood favored by some of LA’s biggest-name buyers.

South Africa’s very own exceptional comedian must have a eye for architectural spaces, as he bought a contemporary megamansion such like this one in 2019 but sold it for about R300 million in 2020 and this 11000-square-foot luxury mansion, designed by Mark Rios in Bel-Air spans over three stories overlooking the city.

Trevor bought this one just last week. This house is fitted with a host of materials like stone, glass wood and the property has floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows, where one can see a slight view of the city and out to the ocean. It includes a spa, gym, wine cellar, screening room, rooftop terrace, outdoor bar, and an infinity pool.

Trevor bought this from Mark Rios, an L.A Architect. From the street the home appears to be fitted with a series of cubes, as the home sits on a hillside but all-in-all is an exceptional, stunning home with six bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, also includes a library and an office.

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South Africa’s Own Fresh Prince Takes It To A Whole New Level.

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funny, self-accredited relationship expert Lemii loco on working with coconut kelz, award nomination and more

If you are looking for unfiltered and mercilessly legitimate relationship advice while laughing through the frustration and the pain, Lemii Loco is the guy you need to ask.

Lemii Loco who’s birth name is ,Molemo Lehoko, was born in Rustenburg and bred in the streets of Soweto. His parents only moved to Soweto two years after his birth. 

When he is not helping fans solve their relationship problems while simultaneously cheering them up, he is making them feel like they are in a happy feet storyline with his D.J skills and he is also content creator.

“If you ever ask me a question, I will give you an honest answer”

His intensely unfiltered advice and his popular phrase “Do you have money?” left many laughing at their pain and yearning for more. The funny relationship adviser has stolen the hearts of a lot of people. His Instagram relationship Q and As are shared on many social media platforms.

The self – accredited relationship expert started serving advice earlier this year, not long before the South African COVID-19  lockdown. It began as nothing more than him enjoying and putting to use the Instagram Q & A feature. Ever since then his social media following has grown tremendously.

His videos have proliferated online and he found fans across the South African border, some from Zimbabwe, Kenya, Botswana, New York, Canada, Germany and with the largest fan base found to be  in Namibia.

Lemii Loco on set with Coconut Kelz

He has since worked with the South African writer and comedian Lesego Tlhabi, who is best known for creating the character Coconut Kelz on the Eskort South Africa’s YouTube channel.

The multi-talented comedian has partnered with a number of brands, one of them being the best selling distilled spirit brand in the world, Smirnoff.

The social media figure has recently been nominated for the African Social Entertainment Awards for favorite Social Media Comedian.

After a fan suggested to Lemii to host an event and name it after his popular phrase ‘Do you have money‘. He did exactly that, so far he has hosted two ,Do you have money, events were he invites individuals who enjoy his content to meet up in one space and converse.

“It’s all about getting together” he added

Lemii gave voice that as influencers they tap into a lot more issues than they are aware of, either being social issues or otherwise and that is not something one takes for granted.

“Whenever God gives you a platform where you can be influential in peoples lives, you can’t do anything with that but do good”

He emphasized that he wants to be one with his fans hence he tries by all means to make his event, Do you have money, more than just people coming to support a star. He wants to fabricate a environment where one doesn’t only feel welcome but where everyone can offer support to one another.

As much as the expert loves giving advice he also has appreciates receiving it, either being from fans, friends or even haters.

“Whatever advice people give or share, I take into consideration”

“I am a very socially awkward person and shy” he disclosed

Some of the misconceptions about the comedian is that he is stuck up or very rude which he assures the public that that is extremely inaccurate.

He has recently started a YouTube channel where he will be showing his fans his versatility when it comes to content creation. He will be inviting fans into this personal space and collaborating with other social media influencers and other creatives.

The multi-talented creative divulged that, the next goal for him is to penetrate the acting world, as he is a trained actor and participated in a lot of theater work while growing up.

“Entertainment has always been a passion of mine” 

The raising star told NoChillMzansi this from his living room through a zoom interview, where he shoots countless Q and As that earned him his unprecedented level of fame.

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Castle Lite Meets Street-wear & All The ‘Cool Kids’ Approve

Some fashion pieces made available by the Castle Lite pop up
Google images

ZikhonaMataka | December 2020 | Nochillinmzansi

Castle lite Sa has teamed up with LVMH prize and International showcase award-winning designer- Thebe Magugu in creating a phenomenal, innovative collaboration. The designer’s collection called Extracurricular has resonated with the Castle lite’s culture of ‘living in the moment and enjoying life’ so much that this sub-brand has partnered with the Castle lite Drop (CLD). The collection is called Castle lite drop x Extracurricular

Thebe Magugu is well known for his eccentric style of work through the use of illustrations on his social media, these illustrations are what make the collaboration pieces edgy and give them the desired streetwear style

Drawing on Thebe’s expertise and status in global fashion, his understanding of the African futuristic aesthetic, combined with Castle Lite’s innovative spirit and enablement of social connections, the collaboration brings together a refreshing limited edition collection.

Castle lite drop

Celebrities picked to participate in the Castle lite drop x Extracurricular photoshoot are: model and creative creator Thick Leeyonce, Presenter and rapper Nomuzi Mabena, and Rappers Yanga Chief and Priddy Ugly. The CLD truck made a stop to these celebrities homes, surprising them with the fashion pieces, their reactions are priceless!

The collection is available at Superbalist, Grade Africa and Dip Street Store. For more information check out the CLD page.

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A Little Weird But True- Five Friday Fun Facts!

ZikhonaMataka| December 2020| Nochillinmzansi

Whether you’re stuck in the rush hour traffic this Friday afternoon or your boss just wasn’t in a jolly mood and now so are you. Worry not, we got you fam. These fun facts either will have you in stitches, puzzled or hopefully- leave you informed and more curious. Either way, all these are good for your brain so haw’ay!

Death can be unsettling for anybody and the way people deal with the loss differs from person to person. Researchers have found that most elders at the age of 65 tend to find the death of their love ones more unbearable, as a result- they often pass away shortly after the death or experience a sickly period. Here is more information on what may cause this.

Humans all around have different pet-peeves however people with misophonia experience them on an intense level, they can go from zero to a hundred real quick by just how loud the next person’s breathing or chewing is. If you or a friend often experiences this sort of tension around people, click here to find out more on what causes it and how it can be minimised.

Do not be alarmed, bananas are a healthy fruit and infact a very much needed source of nutrients. however, because it contains potassioum- Potassium is one of the most important minerals in the body. It helps regulate fluid balance, muscle contractions and nerve signals. Too much of it however can have a downside such as stomach upset, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, or intestinal gas. Too much potassium is UNSAFE and can cause feelings of burning or tingling, generalized weakness, paralysis, mental confusion, low blood pressure, irregular heart rhythm, or death. Find out on how to stay on the required healthy level of potassium- stay aware

Ethanol has been used for centuries for curing colds and flu, reducing pain etc. W e see now in 2020 its multi-purpose in full effect in the use of bacterial killing and this is how it all works.

As ironic as this may sound but research says being forgetful from time to time is a sign of high intelligence. This does make a bit of sense because when we forget, we go back to our memory, paging through a huge web of information stored in our brains to retrieve the information, in this way, brain cells work extra time in helping you remember. This how Nueroscientists explained this mystery.

I just could not leave this one out! It goes out to all the whiskey drinkers, research by James Gilpin confirmed that indeed urine of a Type-1 diabetic person can be turned in to whiskey due to high levels of unprocessedmedicine and sugar, which he states are helpful in stabilizing the blood sugars of the body. Read more on this family’s bizarre discovery here and make sure you read those ingredients before you pour, you know just to be safe!

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