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somizi blocked nochill god on twitter after posting an edited video

Somizi , a well-known tv persona and one of the Idols SA judge took a video too personal and blocked @nochill_god. Just after his wedding, somizi took a video telling his fans that he is going to Europe for his Honeymoon. NoChill edited the video as a video call with Somizi. Below is the edited video

@nochill_god shared the screenshot on twitter and he said “Well it was a joke thou. Celebrities must understand “Comedy”.. see below tweet

Twitter people started commenting on this matter, below are some of the tweets

@nochill_god apologized for the video.

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Pinky Girl quit her IT job after the world realised she was related to Bonang

Even with the high unemployment rate in SA, reality TV star Tebogo aka Pinky Girl Mekgwe had the guts to quit her day job after her colleagues found that she was related to Bonang Matheba.

Having worked in IT for seven years, PinkyGirl resigned last year, claiming she was treated “differently” by her colleagues because she is Bonang’s cousin.

In an interview with Move Magazine Pinky said, “I quit when my colleagues realised I was related to Bonang. Some started acting awkward. Especially, my female colleagues gave me a hard time. Some even called me Bonang’s handbag because I was always with her and they said all I do is hang around her.”

Paving a new career path, PinkyGirl publicly decided that she was going to pursue a career as a DJ.

“I’ve been practising, and because I’m a technical person, I picked up a lot in the first week from my mentor.”

Pinky recently tried her hand at presenting, appearing on V-Entertainment.

During a segment on the show, the reality star encouraged people to tune in to the show and catch her on Being Bonang.

A clip of this was shared online and went viral with some claiming that she was not good enough for TV, and should “stop confusing herself”.

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