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AKA is head over heels in love

AKA finally finds the one who understands what he needs

AKA is clearly a man in love, and his lyrics say as much as well as his recently posted picture with him and his new flame on the gram.

I’ve been thinking ’bout you every twenty-one days/ It’s kinda ironic twenty-one is your age/ I needed somebody who can give me my space” his lyrics go on Cross My Heart.

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#CrossMyHeart ❌❤️ 📸 by @welcometoromesa 😋

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After realising one of AKA’s latest tracks might be a dedication to his 21-year-old love interest, people had so many questions they had to get off their chests. AKA has always rapped about the women in his life and has had his girlfriends feature as the leading ladies in his music videos before. Remember Queen B in The World Is Yours?

So AKA’s fans wanted to know if he would have his current girlfriend make an appearance in the music video for Cross My Heart.

“Not a chance. She’s very private. First non-celebrity I’ve dated since uhm 2008,” AKA said.

Looks like Supa Mega finally found the one who understands what he needs.

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Nandi Mbatha and Naak MusiQ – In A romantic relationship

Despite trying to keep it a secret, the dots were quite easy to connect that Nandi Mbatha and Naak MusiQ are in a romantic relationship. The actress shared a photo of herself with a man whose face wasn’t clear in the photo and further muted her comments.

Thanks to the tattoo on the man’s leg, which turned out to be identical with Naak Musiq’s tattoo. The same man’s outfit matched with the one on Naak’s body on a picture Nandi has posted on her insta page.

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A clear future. 📸: #huaweip40pro

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Naak MusiQ has also commented on Nandi Mbatha’s photo recently when she posted on her instagram wearing a bikini , asking “Intombi kabani le?”

Nandi is one of the brand ambassadors for clothing label, Quiteria Atelier, allegedly the lovebirds met at the QA studios. Upon contact with Mpho, he confirmed to Sunday Sun, that he was indeed in a romantic relationship with the actress and didn’t care who she dated before him.

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Shona Ferguson Expresses his love for his wife – “You are my Rock sharp vede van toeka af”

Whilst a lot of our celebrity couples are breaking up this quarantine Mzansi’s power couple and the owners of Ferguson Films.

Shona took to Instagram recently to gush over his wife Connie, posting a heartfelt message that will give anyone reading it goose bumps.

“I call her the blueprint. This is the face of consistency, the definition of strength and humility. You are power and [the] undisputed queen of television. My rock from day one sharp fede van toeka af. Ntlogele sane ke bolaile, Leave me alone brother, she is the one. #Nuff #OftenImitatedNeverDuplicated #BornWithIt #GaOferoga SebeteTlhatsa #TheQueen #MrsSho.”

Connie wrote a sweet birthday message to her smile keeper. In it, she praised him for being a good loving husband, father to their children and the coolest grandfather to their grandson. 

“To the most humble, most faithful, most loving, most giving, most hardworking and most fun person I know, the love of my life. You are a good father to my children and coolest grandfather,” she wrote.

These two lovebirds are not shy to declare their love for one another now and then, flauntain’t their love for each other on social media.

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Lerato Kganyago warns People about A fake account threatening to spill tea On Split With Her & Thami NdLala

Lerato warns people about a fake Thami Ndlala account making rounds on the socials.

Just hours after media personality Lerato Kganyago had announced that she and her husband, businessman Thami Ndlala had gone their separate ways, fraudsters jumped on the bandwagon threatening to reveal files as to why the couple was divorcing.

Lerato and Thami celebrated their traditional wedding two months ago surrounded by friends and family at their home in the north of Johannesburg.

The news sent shock waves on social media, landing Lerato and Thami on the trends list on Twitter with people dubbing it “the shortest marriage in Mzansi”. 

Requesting privacy during this time, Lerato warned social media users about a fake Thami Ndala account doing the rounds on social media. 

Lerato, reassured Mzansi that no one was going to take anything she owned and any rumours said about her and her husband aren’t true.

“Good morning. Ain’t nobody touching anything I own that’s for sure. Easy with the speculation, wish you a day full of positivity.”

In her statement issued on Instagram on Thursday, Lerato said she and Thami would continue to be friends.

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Lerato Kganyago parts ways With Hubby

Lerato Kganyago and Thami Ndala at Somizi and Mohale’s wedding .

Metro FM presenter Lerato Kganyago ‘s two months marriage to her husband Thami Ndala has reached its expiry date.

Ndala and Kganyago parted ways after their much publicised traditional wedding on the 21st of March 2020 making theirs, the shortest marriage in Mzansi ‘celebville’.

Thami Ndala and Lerato Kganyago announced their separation in a joint statement on Thursday afternoon.

“It is with a heavy heart that we announce that Thami and I have decided to go our separate ways. We have come to realise that our different priorities and work loads have not afforded us the time to invest in our relationship. I will continue to care deeply for Thami and look forward to growing our friendship. We trust that our privacy will be respected during this difficult time,” said Kganyago on a post she made on Instagram

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LootLove Announces Split with Reason

Taking to Instagram on Saturday, LootLove (Luthando Shosha said she thought it would be best to reveal the news all in her own words that she had in fact split up with Reason (Sizwe Moeketsi), after being contacted by Sunday Sun inquiring the status of her relationship with the rapper.

In her statement, Lootlove mentions that they have separated but will continue to co-parent their beautiful kids together. 

See the full statement below: 

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It isn’t clear why these 2 broke up, but as it seems it looks to have been a clean one as Loot claims her and Reason will continue to be friends.

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Communicate even if it’s hard. Couples nowadays make a mistake of ignoring their partner and expecting them to understand what’s wrong when they’re not letting them know there’s a problem in the first place.

Talk about your feelings and open up. Don’t shove it inside and act like there’s nothing wrong. Are you feeling jealous and insecure? Let your partner know. Had a bad day at work? Let your partner know. Did your partner do something that you didn’t like? Let him/her know. The key is to be honest with your feelings and talk about it. If you can’t communicate effectively, the understanding will dissolve and you’ll be left with unnecessary fights that’ll lead to even more emotional distress.

Look, your partner cannot magically read your mind. Stop expecting them to “figure out” what’s the problem when you’re not even telling them in the first place. How do you expect to get taken care of and be understood when you’re confusing the hell out of them with your actions? That’s why good communication is essential for healthy relationships. You both have to be comfortable listening to each other. Talk about what’s bothering you. Be honest with yourself and open up. That way, your partner will understand you from a rational and emotional standpoint.

Be clear and transparent with what you have to say. Don’t interrupt your partner when he/she is talking. Remember, patience is key and you have to be willing to listen carefully and with open ears in order to be understood. This way, both of you will avoid misunderstandings that could lead to further resentment, conflict, and anger.

Talk about it and you’ll feel better.

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ladies take notes of this

So…. your man tells you he is not planning on having kids or getting married anytime soon as he is still sorting out his life… he tells u he wants to have his second degree, a proper house, and a bigger car first…. u sit there smiling with just a birth certificate thinking you’ll be the wife?

With the little he has, u ask for Brazilian hair and timberland… he goes to work and goes straight to class after work…he leaves you in pyjamas n finds u in the same pyjamas.. while he studies u watch generations and isibaya…

He comes back home to find pap and chicken in the microwave everyday… the house is clean and his clothes ironed… the only serious conversation yall have is about the type of groceries u guys need.

The only advice u give him is “babe you need to buy new socks, the ones u bought last time are torn” nothing intelligent comes out of ur plans of making your own life better…yes you are pretty…no doubt about that!….so is every second girl passing by 

Do u realize something… u not doing anything a maid cant do…. he’s gonna finish school and the first thing he’s gonna do is REPLACE HIS MAID cause he can now afford to pay one and have a PROPER WIFE/GF.

That’s when we gonna hear your famous last words “I was with him thru thick and thin when he had nothing, now that he is successful he thinks I am nothing”

Yes, you are right, you have always been NOTHING but a maid to him. .Empower urself to be the woman your man wants to be with…a woman who would be able to carry the whole family if anything happens to his job or his health!!!


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Most of y’all relationships don’t last because you fail to make your men happy by simply doing priceless things, small things count big in relationships.

Most of ladies who doesn’t cook, who doesn’t clean and suck dicks always asking where are the good men at , Listen , good men just got finished eating home-cooked meal, now they’re relaxing in a clean house, and they’re about to get their dick* sucked, Your man is busy eating KFC you forced him to buy, inside an untidy place . No sucking, no nothing …

Ladies , Cook food for you man , stop being lazy and make your man buy food every time you visit. Ask him if he has groceries you want to come and cook him a nice meal . Stop being like kids in relationship asking him to buy nandos or pizzas every time . Be a woman not a girl . Guys listen , if every time she visits you , you need to spend money . Stop dating her , she’s a kid . You make him spend more than R400 every time you visit , how much is he gonna spend a day if he’s gonna marry you? He ain’t gonna marry you trust me .

Suck your man’s *dick* like your ex is watching , suck his *dick* when he’s stressed, let him feel how wet you are at random places , send him naked pics while he’s at work. Men love being sucked, a head is like a flower to a woman . The love you have for shoes , is the same love guys have for a head . If your man have to ask you for a head , you’re failing as a woman . Ladies who suck their men’s dick* without being asked are the ones getting wifed up . Initiate as a woman .

You wonder why all these girls you call *SLUTS* are being wifed up and you’re sitting at home with that scarf on your head looking like Sanamastupid . You can’t just fuck* while having *sex* only . You have to *fuck* his mind 24 hours a day . Isn’t wrong to be a bad girl to your man . The reason behind all your heartbreaks is because you so boring and you SUCK at being a girlfriend.

You can be a leader at your church and a very well Christian mannered girl , but be bad for your man in the bedroom. Stop being SanamaBoring girlfriend. As long as he’s the only guy you are bad at , even God will understand. Be a freak to your man and make him get hard whenever he thinks of you . Make him hard without even touching him . Be powerful like that .

I’m telling you , there are girls out there who are capable of taking your man . You could be fleek/cute from head to toes but if you still acting like a kid in your relationship. A girl who looks like aifheli will come get your man and get wifed up . You’ll end up saying “But she’s ugly thou ” … While you forgetting that aifheli knows how to play her game .


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