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Communicate even if it’s hard. Couples nowadays make a mistake of ignoring their partner and expecting them to understand what’s wrong when they’re not letting them know there’s a problem in the first place.

Talk about your feelings and open up. Don’t shove it inside and act like there’s nothing wrong. Are you feeling jealous and insecure? Let your partner know. Had a bad day at work? Let your partner know. Did your partner do something that you didn’t like? Let him/her know. The key is to be honest with your feelings and talk about it. If you can’t communicate effectively, the understanding will dissolve and you’ll be left with unnecessary fights that’ll lead to even more emotional distress.

Look, your partner cannot magically read your mind. Stop expecting them to “figure out” what’s the problem when you’re not even telling them in the first place. How do you expect to get taken care of and be understood when you’re confusing the hell out of them with your actions? That’s why good communication is essential for healthy relationships. You both have to be comfortable listening to each other. Talk about what’s bothering you. Be honest with yourself and open up. That way, your partner will understand you from a rational and emotional standpoint.

Be clear and transparent with what you have to say. Don’t interrupt your partner when he/she is talking. Remember, patience is key and you have to be willing to listen carefully and with open ears in order to be understood. This way, both of you will avoid misunderstandings that could lead to further resentment, conflict, and anger.

Talk about it and you’ll feel better.

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ladies take notes of this

So…. your man tells you he is not planning on having kids or getting married anytime soon as he is still sorting out his life… he tells u he wants to have his second degree, a proper house, and a bigger car first…. u sit there smiling with just a birth certificate thinking you’ll be the wife?

With the little he has, u ask for Brazilian hair and timberland… he goes to work and goes straight to class after work…he leaves you in pyjamas n finds u in the same pyjamas.. while he studies u watch generations and isibaya…

He comes back home to find pap and chicken in the microwave everyday… the house is clean and his clothes ironed… the only serious conversation yall have is about the type of groceries u guys need.

The only advice u give him is “babe you need to buy new socks, the ones u bought last time are torn” nothing intelligent comes out of ur plans of making your own life better…yes you are pretty…no doubt about that!….so is every second girl passing by 

Do u realize something… u not doing anything a maid cant do…. he’s gonna finish school and the first thing he’s gonna do is REPLACE HIS MAID cause he can now afford to pay one and have a PROPER WIFE/GF.

That’s when we gonna hear your famous last words “I was with him thru thick and thin when he had nothing, now that he is successful he thinks I am nothing”

Yes, you are right, you have always been NOTHING but a maid to him. .Empower urself to be the woman your man wants to be with…a woman who would be able to carry the whole family if anything happens to his job or his health!!!


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Most of y’all relationships don’t last because you fail to make your men happy by simply doing priceless things, small things count big in relationships.

Most of ladies who doesn’t cook, who doesn’t clean and suck dicks always asking where are the good men at , Listen , good men just got finished eating home-cooked meal, now they’re relaxing in a clean house, and they’re about to get their dick* sucked, Your man is busy eating KFC you forced him to buy, inside an untidy place . No sucking, no nothing …

Ladies , Cook food for you man , stop being lazy and make your man buy food every time you visit. Ask him if he has groceries you want to come and cook him a nice meal . Stop being like kids in relationship asking him to buy nandos or pizzas every time . Be a woman not a girl . Guys listen , if every time she visits you , you need to spend money . Stop dating her , she’s a kid . You make him spend more than R400 every time you visit , how much is he gonna spend a day if he’s gonna marry you? He ain’t gonna marry you trust me .

Suck your man’s *dick* like your ex is watching , suck his *dick* when he’s stressed, let him feel how wet you are at random places , send him naked pics while he’s at work. Men love being sucked, a head is like a flower to a woman . The love you have for shoes , is the same love guys have for a head . If your man have to ask you for a head , you’re failing as a woman . Ladies who suck their men’s dick* without being asked are the ones getting wifed up . Initiate as a woman .

You wonder why all these girls you call *SLUTS* are being wifed up and you’re sitting at home with that scarf on your head looking like Sanamastupid . You can’t just fuck* while having *sex* only . You have to *fuck* his mind 24 hours a day . Isn’t wrong to be a bad girl to your man . The reason behind all your heartbreaks is because you so boring and you SUCK at being a girlfriend.

You can be a leader at your church and a very well Christian mannered girl , but be bad for your man in the bedroom. Stop being SanamaBoring girlfriend. As long as he’s the only guy you are bad at , even God will understand. Be a freak to your man and make him get hard whenever he thinks of you . Make him hard without even touching him . Be powerful like that .

I’m telling you , there are girls out there who are capable of taking your man . You could be fleek/cute from head to toes but if you still acting like a kid in your relationship. A girl who looks like aifheli will come get your man and get wifed up . You’ll end up saying “But she’s ugly thou ” … While you forgetting that aifheli knows how to play her game .


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* If her cooking is bad , eat and be thankful for least she is trying to make you happy , she is taking care of you . Appreciate her little effort . Do not think she is trying to buy your love or something. Nah my friend , Your girlfriend is just caring for you.

* Do not think your girlfriend is a freak or a B**tch because she offers you her welele countless times. she is only giving it to you , do not feel comfortable in your thought and take it as she love a dicks . Trust me, they’re so many guys out there who got dicksons that are nicer than yours. So my brother , think !!

* Don’t ever take advantage of her because she is kind and sweet to you , do not confuse her kindness with stupidity and cheat on her. Only if you know , she is rejecting other guys out there and she is even bitter to them just because she already have you . Know that and respect her my friend!!

* Just because she is quiet about you flirting with other girls doesn’t mean that she is a dumb , Some ladies prefer being quiet just for the sake of relationship ..You might be thinking you are the ish and stuff but one day , it might not be today or next year but one day you’ll regret seeing her treated better by someone .

* God created Eve for Adam , not Adam for eve , what i mean is , your girlfriend is a blessing , You’ve been blessed as a man , So respect your girl , love your girl and let her know she is your only girl . My friend, You will never finish these girls , so if she loves you , love her , focus on her and forget about other girls.

* Do not think she is desperate for love or she is obsessed with you just because she always forgives you every time you mess up, you cheated on her once, twice , then thrice , and she still forgave you? , she is not a stupid my nigga, you are the stupid one here…She is just hoping that one day you’ll stop being a boy and you man up .

* Do not complain or shout to her when she is seeking for your attention, Yes she needs your attention because you are her man. Make time for your bae and do not ignore your bae. Shallow your pride and let bae have your attention. She is gonna annoy you too much and if you ain’t ready for that , then go date a rock that work annoy you !!

* When she shouts at you and sometimes ignore you, do not call it a quit my friend , why would you quit for someone who is caring. If she didn’t care, she wouldn’t be shouting at you . So go make sure you talk to her and never give up when she ignores you …Talk to her until she talks back…its your bae mooz

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Please bath!! , I will repeat this and I’ll be very loud ..PLEASE BATH !!.. Your welele should be bathed thoroughly. Do not be that kind of girl who takes off the penty and the whole room starts smelling diesel , are you a diesel mechanics ? , Aowa baptize the welele with some dove and take out the diesel …Lol we don’t want bo Miss Vin Diesel

If you are on your periods , Do not even think of going to your boyfriend’s place. Or if you want to go there , be sure that you are ready to suck his dick for fun . if not , just chill at home baby girl. Trust me , to chill with your partner doing nothing is boring and waste of time. At least giving him a blow job will make a different .
if you going to visit your boyfriend , make sure the outfit is on point , you know what I mean by that . Avoid wearing tight jean, skinny jean that takes 30 mins to take them off …. You can wear a Yoga / leggin if you feeling cold but no tight high waists jean . If you wear that when coming to visit me , I’ll cut it with a knife fam coz you’ll be wasting my time

Make sure the shoes you wearing doesn’t smell , even your socks . I know that going to visit your boyfriend doesn’t automatically mean you going to have sex , but what if it happens? . are you going to ride him with your smelling tomy’s on? . So check to avoid being SanamaTomyRider my sister
The Big purse you carry full of everything except money , hay ladies we understand that you put your make-up stuff in there , but you can’t be carrying a 250kg purse as if there’s a lil nigga in there. Aowa gerara here with your purse !! simple and carry a small purse …

Before you go visit your man , eat healthy. Avoid eating boiled eggs , beans and other foods that will make you fat all day long. Make sure the food you ate won’t cause you running stomach . Lol imagine having sex and the next time you kaak yourself . Nah fam kaak-sex is not needed at all . SanamaKaak is a no no !!

ligwafa a.k.a armpit batho ba modzimo , ei ei ei , Put some roll on please , that thing is dangerous . It can destroy your mood, ruin your day and destruct the spirit of hug. Before carrying that 250kg purse of yours and wearing those smelling tomy’s , smell the gwafa first, & make sure is not poisonous. Ladies daaidang it’s a turn off. Be a lady and smell Good!!

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ladies take notes

  • If a girl doesn’t receive a message/ call from her boyfriend at least once a day then she’s not the girlfriend alone- Maybe she’s the second or third.. remember 1st is priority
  • If a guy appreciate his girl he should take pictures with her, he should show her off on Facebook, WhatsApp or any other social networks- If not then there has to be a hidden secret- Maybe you are a side chick – You’re busy with picmix forcing things, My sister stop forcing. but shame to those ladies out there.
  • Guys always imagine about their future life, and they love talking about their future with their real girlfriend, if he never talk with you about marriage or kids..- Lols then you’re not the one he sees future with, You’re there to push time his time- He always talk about sex and other thingys except your future neh? ..I knew it.. just go girl. save your time.
  • If a guy loves his girlfriend he won’t have to make love to her like is his last time, Fast fast like he’s rapping her, A guy should make love to girl very slow and nice, but then if he Kill the punani lols the guy is just there to kill and go, He’s sanamaMurder..I mean why would he rush and be rough to something he want it to last?
  • Taking a girl out should be a boy responsibility, and it won’t bankrupt him, appreciation and responsibility has to be there, just like taking a girl in the room to chaw her, then sometimes take her out to chaw hot wings. If he doesn’t do that.. then you don’t worth his money, then tell me how is he gonna marry you?
  • He can have a nice dick, but if he treat his girl like a trash, then let him go with his dick, life is too short to enjoy a nice dick but with a broken heart, Girl get a nice dick from a guy who knows how to fuck you good and treat you Good, Bo SanamaGoodGood nikkas exist…
  • Love is more than just saying it, sometimes if not often, a guy should just stop making noise and keep quiet, and start showing his girl he loves her, every guy can tell a girl he loves her, so what’s so special about that?.. Nikka should show you love full stop- Girl if he’s not showing you now, then it won’t happen, Just leave…. full stop.
  • If a guy once cheated on you or he’s cheating with you to his girl, what makes you think he won’t cheat on you with another girl?, Book says a mountain will never move, a leopard will never change it’s spot, once a cheater always a cheater, it’s just a matter of time to see your turn, lols as long as I told you!!
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I know you’ve being texting her , you sent a message to that girl today but you got no reply right ?

That message got delivered to that girl and definitely she saw it but she didn’t reply .

& when you login on Facebook you see her updating statuses.. You see her on whatsApp typing … And wonder who she’s texting .

You ask yourself why can’t she reply me? You ask yourself what did I do wrong to her ?

My friend , it hurts so much being ignored by that girl you love with your hear , but did you know that she is facing the same problem as you ?

She is busy chasing the guy she loves . She have also been texting and got no reply from that guy she like just like you .

I agree , of course she is going through the same but you are busy blaming her , stressing over her , thinking about her while she’s busy thinking about someone else

You are busy loving loving her while she’s busy in love with someone else .

Listen my friend , quit calling a girl who never pick up and or take forever to call you back, she lack common courtesy, and she is into someone else . She is simply using you at Her CONVENIENCE

Quit texting a girl who don’t reply in a reasonable amount of time . She ain’t that damn busy no matter what she say .

Stop chasing after a girl who’s not willing to be caught , because they don’t need to be caught! God doesn’t want you pleading and begging for anyone’s attention

You deserve someone who gladly picks up when you call wanting to hear your voice that makes yall both smile, replies promptly to your texts and treats you with common decency!





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1. The Girls who always say “I want a man who will protect me” but they don’t want to date security guys, So many girls saying they want a guy who will protect them , but they keep on ignoring security guards. What’s thefathafuckerfuck is that ? Go get one of SanamaSecurityGuards and chill. Those people are trained to protect. leska rebora mannn

2. Single girls who stays indoor ,Bo-Sanamaindoorship .The Single girls that complains about being Single but NEVER go out! I guess Mr.Right is going to break in your house then. Or Jesus will come and get you . Stop making noise , just bath and go be a hoe, its HOEkay to be a Hoe. Just feba smart .

3. Girls who calls Boyfriends their Man or husband , i mean what’s thefatharfuckerfuck is that ?? listen ladies, if he hasn’t put a ring on your finger then he’s not your man … Stop claiming other woman’s son , A man has done nothing for you until he has made you a wife , so please stop idolizing boyfriends ..”nywee nywee husby is coming to fetch me” , lol wagafa, that’s not your husby, if you wanna make it sound fancy , say “boyfie” Sanamaboyfie is gonna come fetch you .

4. Lol and we have bo SanamaHeartbroken chikitas , “nywee nywee he broke my heart nywee nywee this & that ” lol wena what’s the fathafuck are you talking about ? akere If your heart is really broken , you would have been dead . So shut up and be a hoe . SanamaHearbroken warasa , As long as your heart is still beating , it”s Hoeright to be a Hoe. SanamaHeartbrokenheart ya masepa . Mxm lol

5. Girls who calls stupidity, love , they confused being stupid and being in love, Stupid and loving is not the same…Even after he cheated with 3 girls , they still say “nywee nywee we meant to be” that’s being Stupidiologist with PhD & Masters i mean If he starts ignoring you like a white crayon & cheating on you, it’s time to move on girl Don’t just chill and let him hurt you . Turn into a hoe and Until your boyfriend gives you a title…talk and text to as many guys as you want baby girl.

6. Eish Girls who love listening to other people’s opinion all the time, they actually turns me off… i mean Ladies , for the why do you always have to listen to people? For example, lemme hit you with a SanamaExample nyana, Like don’t let people tell you that you are ugly . know that shit before you leave your home. Ya know it before you hit the exit door akere. Be a brave Sanamaugly

7. We have the SanamaJumpHere SanamaJumpThere kinda Girls,they love visiting different guys …Ladies listen , Girls are supposed to be like butterflies , cute and hard to catch … But y’all SanamaChikitas you be like cockroaches ..irritating & in very nigga’s place. hebanna kanti you wanna be a cockroach ? .kabona lenyaka Sanamadoom , Ya’ll need some Doom to Pfaaaa Pfaaaar your ass .

8. I also don’t get light skinned ladies of these days , Some of light skinned chicks doesn’t post ‪#‎TBT‬ pictures ..i mean for the why for the no Throwback pictures? ka butsa madafakaa? Aowa explain to me for the why …..Lol bleach is real neh . We see you , SanamaBleachingQueens , But i still need some explanation thou.

9. Bo mrs nightshift chikitas lol , There are chicks somewhere who can’t sleep every night & they thinking it’s insomnia …nah ladies y’all just need some dick. You need SanamaVitaminD , “nywee nywee insomnia yabora , nywee nywee i can’t sleep” ..Lol nah don’t lie , lack of leratoooooooo, eish i mean to say , lack of lereteeeee . When you get Vitamin Dick , You’ll sleep like SanamaDruggedMonkey.

10. Ladies who doesn’t match their penties and bras , i mean why would you be out looking for the perfect match to be in love with but you wearing brown penty and red bra? What’s the fathafuckerfuck is that? Aowa le penty wants a perfect match just like you. So ladies, before you go out searching for your soulmate, make sure uncle bra 

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10 things that girls consider as boring in a relationship

1. After having sex with her, Do not sleep like you just worked night shift , Aowa even if you are feeling tired, cuddle with her and talk le girlfriend yagao. Rub her butty while talking to her, you will sleep later, girls love being rubbed marao , it doesn’t matter if she has a big ass or small. Avoid SanamaDying after sex bruh . entertain her, If you feel like dying , talk to her , you’ll die later .

2. If you want your relationship with that girl to last, stop boring her, girls love fun guys, stop being too serious..if she tells you a boring joke,laugh bruh .. that’s your girl. If is not you laughing at her jokes, who will? Some guys are laughing out loud like “hahahahaIwannasleepwithyouhaha”….but wena you can’t even smile . Otla jelwa , stop being SanamalaughStingy ..Laugh hard nigga..

3. On whatsApp when you are chatting with her , always make sure the conversation is lit , avoid texting short words to your girl , THAT’S A TURN OFF , Girls love long texts , if wena you busy omo shapha ka ” nyt boo” , ” i luv u” , ‘k’ you really don’t deserve a serious relationship with her . Stop being lazy and start typing paragraphs… some dudes are typing essays consists of a “headline” , “Body” and a “Conclusion” to your girl. WAKE UP BRA

4. Kiss your girl , grab her ass in front of all the ninja who wants her, from there, carry her, grab her ass and kiss her on her neck in front of all the girls who wants you. Show all those people that they don’t stand a chance. That’s how it should be done . But wena you act like your girlfriend is your Sanamaneighbor just to allow Difebe in your relationship .

5. Girls hates guys who act like pastors in a relationship, be sanamanaughty in your relationship a lil bit. Limit “nywee nywee Jacob is the son of Isaac and Rebecca boo, Samson killed the lion baby waka wee”, Cmon, there is no problem with having a biblical talk with her, but eish limit morena . O busy ka Samson someone out there is telling her about Romeo and Juliet…It’s a relationship not SanamaChurchip .. Focus madafada focuz

6. Short conversations are boring , and long boring conversation are more boring . What i mean is , Stop calling your girlfriend ka R2.00 airtime , and if you call her ka R200 airitme , entertain her . Stop being SanamaBoreCaller.. Your girl should get wet on ya’ll convo without you even saying sexual stuff…that’s how lit a convo should reach. it should reach her punani bruh . Girls love that…

7. A girl will text you “Ok bae let me sleep” just to test your interest on her, if she text you that, just reply “No I am still chatting with you” , she will be happy.But most of y’all niggas be letting your girls to sleep at 19:30 , c’mon who sleeps at that time these days? That’s where you get cheated on; some nigga out there is crossing night chatting with your girl asking her what she’s wearing. Girls love sanamaNaughtyQuestions .

8. Stop bragging about sex to her …“nywee nywee I can do you without stopping until your punani cries like pherre pherr..” really now ? A gentleman doesn’t talk talk , he act act …in fact if wena you brag about how good you are in sex, you deserve no sex & you are not even that good. ,Stop asking your girlfriend if you are good or not. Her actions will tell.

9. Yes , Money can’t buy love , but money can by food for your girlfriend and it will increase her Sanamariding performance and takes out her riding talent , Energy is the ability to do work . What i mean here is , Stop being stingy to your girl bruh. buy her food . Girls love food but hates to get fat but that aint your business. Just buy her food. She will ride along very nice .

10. Stop being a nagging nigga , SanamaNagNig aowa man , Sometimes being too much to your girl can be too much for her. “nywee nywee okae?. Give your girl a chance to breath with her friends sometimes . If she wanna cheat , let her cheat in peace . But my point is , let a girl breath nyana tuu . I’m done



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