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Benjamin Gentles | December 2020 | Nochillinmzansi

Ariana Grande announces her engagement to Dalton Gomez

The pop star Ariana Grande is engaged to the luxury real estate agent Dalton Gomez, as she took to Instagram on Sunday in a post sharing rare images of herself with Dalton including images of a diamond and pearl ring, captioning her post, “forever n then some.”

Ariana had been trying to keep their relationship quite private and low-key because she has seen how her past relationships has been torn apart when revealed publically, that of which is with [Pete Davidson and Mac Miller] but she has been hinting at her relationship throughout this year 2020 with Dalton.

See below for the Instagram post:

From the collaboration with Justin Bieber on Stuck With U was the first time they couple went public, featuring their clip dancing in the music video. This engagement comes more than 9 months after the couple was seen. The people were flabbergasted by this appearance but also knew it was him.

Who is Dalton Gomez?

Dalton Gomez, a luxury real estate agent in Los Angeles, born and raised in Southern California, United States. He is a luxury real estate agent at Aaron Kirman Group. He has been working for five years and works with A-list buyers and has sold multi-million dollar homes. Emphasis on “LUXURY”.

Congratulations to the couple!

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People who most fascinated South Africans in 2020

Published by Rampye Ketlaodirelang

2020, The pandemic was not the only talk of town because the people were also interested in a whole more than that. Accord to Business Insider Google search results for the year show Among the top ten trending South African personalities on Google search, three people were involved in the saga

1.Katlego Maboe

TV presenter and the face of Outsurance, Katlego Maboe, has most likely observed his profession demolished by charges of infidelity. Everything began when a video wherein Maboe seems to admit to cheating on his partner, Monique Muller, surfaced via web-based media recently. He then faced a charge of allegedly breaching a protection order from Muller.

The 34-year old has since been taken out from the Expresso Morning Show and Outsurance promotions

2.Nikita Murray

In the now-scandalous video, Maboe admitted to having an unsanctioned romance with a previous Outsurance employee Murray.

In a statement, Outsurance “clarified” that Murray last worked for them in 2018, and that the pair did not meet through the company

3.Edwin Sodi

Sodi was arrested for his supposed association in a R255m asbestos review tender outrage. Nearly 25 extravagance sportscars owned by Sodi and his firm Blackhead Consulting were seized – including a Ferrari FF, comprehended to be esteemed at about R3 million.

4.Lerato Kganyago

After only two months of marriage. The DJ and presenter started to trend following the announcement that she had separated from Thami Dladla.

5.Menzi Ngubane

Ngubane’s family was forced to release an official statement denying social media speculation that the former Generations actor was critically ill.

6.Jackie Phamotse

The author was trending after making claims against other South African celebrities on social media.

7.Tino Chinyani

The 26-year old presenter and model became a father, and launched a new clothing range this year

8.Sophie Ndaba

Previously, rumours swirled around the internet that she had died, but Ndaba made a big comeback this year as an actress and producer on the new SABC series Family Secrets.

After rumours twirled around the internet that she had passed on, but Ndaba made a major rebound this year as an actress and producer on a new SABC series family Secrets

9.Nomcebo Zikode

The voice behind the viral Master KG hit Jerusalema, which started a world wide dance challenge. She also stowed a deal with Sony this year.

10. Monique Muller

Muller is Katlego Maboe’s former partner.

According to business Insider the Google search trends also show that there was enormous interest in well-known people who passed away, among them Zinzi Mandela, actress Mary Twala, kwaito star Mshoza, Zimbabwean businessman Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure, TV presenter Bob Mabena and murdered actress Thandeka Mdeliswa.

All Photo by: Google

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Major Shut Down LOoming For Parts Of Mzansi

Google images

If you, your friends and family were looking to indulge in the turquoise seas and vibey aura of Kwa Zulu Natal this festive, unfortunately, you may have to look for other options. The KZN department has declared earlier this morning to cancel all major events that elevate gathering due to the alarming rise of Covid-19 cases in certain areas of the province.

The festive season is, of course, notorious for the skyrocketing amount of masses that flood beaches and music concerts but all this seems gloomy this year. The government does however allow small gatherings and visitors considering that the disaster management rule is not breached.

KwaZulu-Natal Premier, Sihle Zikalala made a remark on the matter saying “The government understands the social and economic impact of not hosting major events at popular locations in the province during the festive season, however, it is the view of the government that lives of our citizen’s matter and need to be protected. The provincial government of KwaZulu-Natal has a duty to protect the lives of citizens and does not want to make decisions that may be regretted later,”

KwaZulu-Natal is not the only province battling efforts to curb the virus, George in the Western Cape has also decided to restrict all sporting events, Halls and community pools. This Southern part of Cape Town has seen a rapid increase of more than 300 new infections since Friday with some of its parts declared as high danger zones.

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Google Images

Benjamin Gentles | December 2020 | Nochillinmzansi

Six people have been killed in a multiple-vehicle crash in Mokopane, Limpopo.

Wednesday night, a truck, alleged to have had no brakes crashed into 5 vehicles which then ploughed into four civilians, included in the wreckage and rammed into the building in the street. 

The truck driver and a passenger died in the blaze as the building caught on fire after impact into the building, while all four pedestrians died on the scene, while one person was rushed to a hospital after escaping with serious injuries.

“The MEC worries about the increasing number of fatal crashes where people are even burnt beyond recognition. She is urging motorists to drive with caution and to always drive within the set speed limits” said the Limpopo Department of Transport and Community Safety in a statement.

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Google Images: Pitso and Technical Assistants in celebration of the CAF win.

Benjamin Gentles | December 2020 | Nochillinmzansi

At the brink of it all, Al Ahly lead by Pitso Mosimane beat their bitter Cairo rivals Zamalek 2-1 to claim the CAF Champions League title of 2019-2020.

In Africa’s elite club competition, they worked to secure a 9th win.

Friday, 27th November in Cairo, the teams were locked at 1-1, as Mohamed Magdi showed a neat control over the situation and secured a loose ball 30 meters out. 

The players sparked celebrations in the stadium. There would’ve been a huge celebration if fans were allowed in the stadium but due to the COVID restrictions, the seats were empty.

Here is a tweet of scenes of fans in celebration of the victory:

The title win is a second for Ahly coach Pitso Mosimane after the South African led Mamelodi Sundowns to victory in 2016. The team Al Ahly won the title for the first time in seven years to make up for final defeats in 2017 and 2018.

The final match was a single-game for the 1st time in years, since 1995.

Zamalek tried their utmost best to put pressure on Al Ahly, but another secure metered goal by Magdi to the post was in! 

High results brought to the soccer nation by Al Ahly and Pitso Mosimane.

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Thembi the helper’s boss buys her a car

It’s no secret that the relationship that Thembi and Malcom Wentzel is priceless. And this is just the icing on the cake as Malcom went and bought her helper a white Toyota.

Prior to buying her the car Malcom has been giving Thembi Driving license and updating the public throughout their journey.

He even asked fellow tweeps(Twitter people) for an opinion on which car to get his helper choosing between two options. A Toyota or Vivopolo. Although we are not sure if he took the opinion of the tweeps or if Thembi choose it herself.

He then took Thembi to a car dealership and she broke down crying. And shared the video on tiktok.

Many people on social media have been sbwling the experience and have been asking if they can send their CV where Thembi sent hers so they can also get a boss like Malcom. Some are saying he can go as far as keeping the land for being so generous to his employee.

The two rose to fame after sharing several videos of their day to day activities and sometimes pranks on Tik Tok.

Some of South Africa famous individuals have shared their love for the two, including the South African politician, Mmusi Maimane who called on brands to sign up Ubisi for an indorsement deal.

Many applauded Malcom for the gift.

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Scotland becomes the first country in the world to make tampons and sanitary pads free

Photo by: Blogspot

The Scottish MSPs voted without opposition in favor of a periods products bill this Tuesday, becoming the first country in the world to establish a law that is aimed at tackling period poverty according to CNN and other news outlets.

Women living in poverty stricken homes tend to have zero access to menstrual supplies and this can be humiliating for them when it’s time to go through that time of the month. This can affect how females  attend school  or work while their are in their periods.

In the past few years non-profit organizations including freedom4girls, have been trying to make these sanitary products more accessible for females who need them. 

According to Business Insider South Africa, Monica Lennon, the lawmaker who introduced the bill last year, said, “The campaign has been backed by a wide coalition, including trades unions, women’s organisations and charities,”

According to Business Insider the law is likely to cost around £8.7 million which equals R157 million by the next year, 2022, depending on how many women are going to use the products .

The passing of the bill follows an early effort in Scotland that made sanitary products available in schools, yet this extends it to other public structures also.

There are factors that limit access to the products, such as the stigma associated with it or living in an abuse home and a list of a whole other issues. 

According to Business Insider, the non-profit Plan International UK states that in the UK, three in 10 girls between ages 14 and 21 had difficulties trying to obtain the products during the first lockdown.

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Google Images: Operations preparation image of draining water from collapsed shaft.

Benjamin Gentles | December 2020 | Nochillinmzansi

40 Illegal Mine Workers have been declared dead, after a mine shaft collapsed in Bindura, North of Harare, Zimbabwe.

The illegal miners were in a mine shaft in search to extract gold from it, until the mine callapse.

They have been operating in a already established mine and now they are feared to be dead. 

The tragedy is massive, since a few months before, 6 miners lost their lives in the established mine in Bindura. 

The government of Zimbabwe is currently trying to retrieve the bodies, and are predicting that this will not be the first or last time illegal miners take advantage of a mine and lose their lives.

This country’s mining sector is known to provide above 2% of the overall domestic products. Gold providing the most percentage of the country’s input and revenue streams.

The increase of illegal miners is quite worrying to the sector.

Hopefully when all the water is drained from the mine shaft that collapsed, they will be able to extract the bodies.

Tragedy in the mine industry.

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A Second Wave May Hit in January 2021.

Google images

ZikhonaMataka| November 2020| Nochillinmzansi

South Africa recently saw a promising future concerning covid-19 after the lockdown was lifted back in September. However, the latest reports claim that some European countries are seeing a rise of covid-19 cases. In South Africa alone, 2217 new Covid 19 cases have been confirmed today but professor Abdul Karim- a South African epidemiologist assures that South Africa is not in a second wave right now.

For the past weeks, cases of Covid-19 have been stable however the health department is concerned that with the festive season approaching there could be reckless actions that could lead to super- spreader events and increased infections especially in the rural parts of the country. Latest reports claim that most parts of South Africa are monitored as stable except for places in the Eastern Cape such as Port Elizabeth (Nelson Mandela Bay hospital) which is “currently overwhelmed with the Covid-19 surge” and some parts of the Western Cape.

The Professor went on to highlight some of the worries he has; particularly of the festive season saying “my concern is the December period when there are three things that are going to happen that worry me: firstly, that people become complacent while on holiday and they stop wearing masks and do not practice social distancing and the second thing is that they start going to parties and we will end up with super-spreader events. I’m anxious about the intergenerational family gatherings where children are meeting their parents and their grandparents and therefore putting the elderly at risk. These three things that I am deeply concerned about over December could end up with us in the second wave in January 2021″ he explained.

South Africa, although the country may be open and some activities carrying on as normal, PLEASE do continue practising social distance, wash your hands & sanitise and always wear your mask. this way it’ll be easier to stay safe here in 2020 and curb the Second Wave in 2021. Let’s make the future less gloomy Mzansi!

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Rhythm City is coming to an end

Photo by: Google

The popular television soapie, Rhythm City, is set to end next year and a new local show is taking over its spot. It’s last episode will air in July 2021.

Mzansi was taken aback and crashed by the confirmation that indeed the 13 year old soapie is coming to a sudden conclusion

The Channel,, where the show airs announced on Friday in a statement. According to Times live the states the decision to pull the popular soapie out of the channel was influenced by a  business strategy which included reviewing the show’s on air-life cycle.

The show started airing on the 9 of July 2007. Rhythm City revolves around the struggles of surviving Jozi Johannesburg. It all starts in a two roomed home and the experiences follow two empires in the entertainment space; The Generos and the Ndlovus and how their heirs want to dominate the scene. Our characters try to navigate around the affluent and aspirational lifestyles of the city. Past rivalries, industry conflicts, infidelity, backstabbing, sexuality, love, and pain, good and evil are the order of the day as the story plays out moving from between the township to the suburbs.

“Rhythm City has secured its place in e. tv’s history books, and a legacy mark has been made. We want to extend our gratitude to the entire production staff, crew  and cast for their incomparable craft,” said Marlon Davids, managing director. 

It managed to pull a hefty number of viewers over the years. At its peaked it attracted over five million adult viewers this year and has has been among the top-10 most watched soapies in the country.

Throughout the most recent couple of months the show additionally lost a portion of its long-standing leads, including Jamie Bartlett (David Genaro), Samkelo Ndlovu (Lerato) and Amo Chidi (Rene)

The decision to end the sure was surely not easy information for the Rhythm city cast and crew to digest. 

Actress Mapula Mafole, who plays Mapula on the soapie, seemed very unhappy, while Thishiwe Ziqubu said a prayer for the cast and crew to find other jobs.

Fans devastated by the news

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