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Pinky Girl quit her IT job after the world realised she was related to Bonang

Even with the high unemployment rate in SA, reality TV star Tebogo aka Pinky Girl Mekgwe had the guts to quit her day job after her colleagues found that she was related to Bonang Matheba.

Having worked in IT for seven years, PinkyGirl resigned last year, claiming she was treated “differently” by her colleagues because she is Bonang’s cousin.

In an interview with Move Magazine Pinky said, “I quit when my colleagues realised I was related to Bonang. Some started acting awkward. Especially, my female colleagues gave me a hard time. Some even called me Bonang’s handbag because I was always with her and they said all I do is hang around her.”

Paving a new career path, PinkyGirl publicly decided that she was going to pursue a career as a DJ.

“I’ve been practising, and because I’m a technical person, I picked up a lot in the first week from my mentor.”

Pinky recently tried her hand at presenting, appearing on V-Entertainment.

During a segment on the show, the reality star encouraged people to tune in to the show and catch her on Being Bonang.

A clip of this was shared online and went viral with some claiming that she was not good enough for TV, and should “stop confusing herself”.

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WATCH: Taxi driver’ pranks passengers, dumps them over R100 note

Almost every commuter knows that one way to get on a taxi driver’s case is to pay with a R100 or R200 note – because getting your change might just be a struggle, especially if it’s in the morning rush.


These passengers felt the wrath of the man pretending to be a taxi driver. The scenario was that of a passenger who paid with a R100 note.

In the video the driver can be heard shouting at passengers and demanding the culprit own up. 

“La bona ke 6 o’ clock, ke tsamaya ke ntse ke emisa di taxi ke nyakana le change ya R100, why le sa rekela bana balona borotho (It’s 6 o’ clock now, I’m forced to stop other taxi drivers, asking for R100 change. Why didn’t you buy bread for your children so you can get change?),” the driver charges. 

“Mlungu, ke mang o patetseng ka R100 (White man, who paid with R100),” he asks.

The passenger, anxious to clear his name responds: “Aowa, it’s at the back.”

Determined to find the culprit, the driver storms out of the taxi and goes to confront the passengers but no one owns up.

One passenger pleads with the culprit to confess, as the commuters are now beginning to run late. 

Out of sheer frustration, the driver orders the passengers out of his vehicle.

“Ke nyaka ho etsa check in, boss yaka e nyaka check in. Folohang, are yeng. Almal, mlungu le wena, out” (I want to go check in with my boss and give him the money I made for the day and now I must go around looking for change, in fact get out of the car, let’s go, everyone, including you white man), the frustrated taxi driver tells the passengers. 

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Babes admits to bullying Lady Zamar

A week after Babes Wodumo denied cyber-bullying Lady Zamar over her acne, claiming that her Twitter account was hacked, the Gqom star has u-turned and confessed to the bullying. 

Babes was slammed by social media users after a video was shared online of a woman, believed to be her, poking fun at Lady Zamar’s acne during her appearance on hit reality TV music competition Idols SA. “You’re busy laughing at this child on Idols and your face is like this,” the woman could be heard saying.

When contacted by TshisaLIVE for comment last week, Babes denied it was her in the video and claimed that she had been hacked. She suggested that the hackers had manipulated the video to make it appear as if it was her.

However, speaking to Drum, Babes admitted that it was her in the video and apologised for mocking the musician.

She explained that she was just upset by the comments Lady Zamar had made to some of the contestants on the show.

“Yazini (You know what)? I love Lady Zamar and she knows that. I was just upset by the comments she made to some of the contestants on Idols, but I understand I shouldn’t have sworn at her or made fun of her face. I used to have pimples too,” she said, adding that she never meant to hurt the star.

When TshisaLIVE contacted Babes’ management for comment on her admitting to “bullying”, her sister and manager Nondumiso Simelane said that Babes acknowledged it was her in the video but maintained she was hacked.

“She does acknowledge that she was the one mocking Lady Zamar and has apologised. She also maintains that she was hacked a few days ago but we fixed that and she is back to her old number. The matter is now in the past.”

Nondumiso told TshisaLIVE last week that Babes would apologise to Lady Zamar about the incident.

Meanwhile, Lady Zamar had a blistering warning for bullies on social media this week, telling her followers that “haters always come calling when you are at peace with yourself”.

“When you’re sure about what you want and who you are, there will be a lot of hatred. Mostly born of jealousy/envy and some just pure evil. But keep on being you. Keep being unique and absolutely beautiful,” she wrote.

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Sho Madjozi ‘John Cena’ sparks viral, worldwide challenge

Sho Madjozi’s John Cena has been tearing up these streets ever since she debuted the track on international music platform Colors on August 16.

Apart from raking in more than one million views on YouTube, it has also sparked the viral #JohnCena Twitter trend. 

Sho has been applauded for being proudly African and for her lyrical talent. 

Reaching more than a million views has not been the only highlight for Limpopo Champions League‘s very own. She also received a shout-out from the man himself, professional wrestler John Cena.

Overwhelmed by the love she has received from fans worldwide, Sho said: “I just love you guys because you are doing the most on a song that is literally from a performance video. The world is ours, trust me!”

Here is the challenge

Comment below and tell us what you think.

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toni Braxton is coming to SA

Mzansi is in celebratory mode after it was announced that Grammy award-winning songstress, Toni Braxton is coming to SA in November. However, the ticket prices might burn a hole in your pocket. 

Just minutes after the announcement was made, #ToniBraxton topped the trends list. 

Fans are over the moon that SA has been included on the singer’s As Long As I Live tour schedule. 

Here are some of the reactions over on these Twitter streets:

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WATCH | Zodwa: ‘I can get any man I want’

Known for speaking her truth and expressing who she is, Zodwa Wabantu poured her heart out on Sincerely Yours with Enhle Mbali.

The real, raw and hard-hitting podcast featured Mzansi’s fave, Zodwa, who had an intimate yet sincere conversation with actress and host Enhle Mbali.

The podcast has been applauded for helping to heal women who are currently going through a tough time. 

Revealing her emotional side, Zodwa opened up about the difficulties she faced as a teenager and how she felt about constantly being criticised. She also expressed that she did not always appreciate her body as she does now.

“No matter how far I go in life, even if I can have millions, I won’t cover-up because I know that there is someone who’s going through it. I don’t want to change who I am because the same little girl that’s going through sh**, my brand represents them,” she said tearfully.

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