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Zodwa and new bae open up about their love

Just three months after she called off her wedding to long-time bae Ntobeko, Zodwa Wabantu has found love again.

The reality TV star is on cloud nine after finding love in the arms of her new Ben 10, Vusi Buthelezi, who made his big debut on Zodwa’s Instagram feed earlier this week.

Zodwa told TshisaLIVE that she and Vusi were head over heels with each other and you could tell by the tone of their voices.

“I will decide whether I include him on my reality show because I have 13 episodes ahead of me. We have been dating for three months, he makes me happy and I love him, can’t you see my skin is even glowing?” Zodwa asked.  

The dancer added that Vusi was the reason why her skin was beautiful and glowing lately.

“Since I’m very busy I don’t want to make him understand my life or involve him because my previous relationship was ruined by that. After they get used to this life they become big-headed and think they are a superstar and the only superstar is me.”

When asked how she was going to do that Zodwa explained that she needed to come up with a strategy on how she was going to handle her current relationship.

“What attracted me to her is her honesty, she’s pure. I love being happy and she loves being happy. I’m an entrepreneur and also furthering my studies,” Vusi said. 

Vusi explained that spending time was quite a mission but they always made it work. 

“Sometimes our work schedules clash so I sacrifice by travelling with her to make our relationship stronger. We understand each other’s job pressures. I spend time with her when I’m not working.”

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WATCH : DJ Arch Jnr nails Britains Got Talent

International phenomenon DJ Arch Jnr is a major hit in more ways than one. 

The seven-year-old DJ won South Africa’s Got Talent back in 2015 at a tender age of three. 

Setting his eyes on more titles to bag, Arch Jnr attempted to impress the judges of Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions by becoming the ultimate champion.

BGT returned for another week with nine more acts taking to the stage in a bid to make it to the show’s grand final. 

Along with the usual mix of singers, dancers, comedians and magicians, one-act who impressed Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden, and David Walliams, as well as the viewers, was our very own DJ Arch Jnr.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Arch’s dad, Glen Hlongwane, said his son was very proud of his performance, as you could see from the glow on his face after he finished performing.

“Arch knew  he nailed it. He was very happy to yet again get such positive responses from Simon Cowell since America’s Got Talent: The Champions not so long ago. Also, the fact that he pulled off another great performance.”

The proud father said Cowell came to them backstage and told them that AJ’s performance was better than the one on America’s Got Talent.

“So this means, he’s showing progress.”

Glen said Arch placed third out of all the nine acts, and only two were permitted to go to the finals.

“We just missed the spot by an inch.”

Despite not making it to the finals, Glen said he was proud of Arch for having placed third out of nine mazing acts

“Him placing third was incredible. We hope South Africa is as proud of him as we are.”

Cava how DJ Arch Jnr shut it down on Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions:

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WATCH | Bonang buys Pinky Girl a BMW

Pinky Girl just keeps winning at this life thing. First she left her 9 to 5 to chase her dream of being a DJ, and now she has a snazzy new ride. 

Fans could hardly believe their eyes and ears when Bonang announced on her reality show Being Bonang that she was going shopping for a new ride for Pinky Girl.

Queen B’s cuz has been making headlines with features on the show and her journey to being a DJ, and wanted a ride that could match her ambitions.

Bonang’s criteria were simple: a standard car that Pinky could enjoy, and no electronic cars because they could run out of charge on the way to Durban, you know.

Viewers watched while Bonang shopped around and decided on a flashy little car with all the bells and whistles.

Fans took to social media to share their thoughts about the gift, and wished for a cousin like Queen B.

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Zodwa says she won’t take surgery ‘too far’ and ‘become a yellow bone’

Zodwa Wabantu has hit back at rumours that she could end up addicted to surgery, or make her complexion lighter in her search for the “perfect body”.

Just last month, Zodwa revealed that she had undergone a non-surgical breast lift and vaginal-tightening treatment.

She also received lipodissolve (fat-burning) injections in her stomach and thighs, sharing her experience in a video on Instagram.

In an interview with TshisaLIVE this week, Zodwa explained that she was not trying to be the next Mshoza or Khanyi Mbau, but was simply having “work done” to her body just to firm up and look good on the stage.

“I don’t think it is a huge procedure that I got done. Like in the past, I am not all about beauty, I don’t put on weaves or make-up, so I am not changing anything about myself. I’m just showing everyone that if I have cellulite or stretch marks, I will fix it.”

The reality TV star shared that while she was getting “some work done” she had no plans to change her complexion.

Zodwa has preached that women should embrace their bodies and love how they look, but slammed suggestions that she is a hypocrite by going under the knife.

“I have a mokhaba (fat belly) now and as a dancer, I cannot have that. I am only trying to firm up so that I look good on stage when I am performing.”

“I am not fixing my hairline or anything major. I am just firming up. Just like one would take their company car for service, I have to take my legs and my a** in for a service, so that they are in shape.”

She added that she was looking into the possibility of taking out insurance on her legs,

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Pastor Mboro is praying for the slay queens

Pastor Mboro is not about the slay queen life and he is praying for them to reclaim their independence.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE this week, Mboro explained that he has been praying for women who he describes as ‘struggling to reclaim their identity and personal values’.

“They are broken inside, and empty. They find their value by getting clothes, hairstyles, and cars from men. They live the slay queen life to get all those things, and they do not realise that once you put a price on your value you have sold your soul to nothing.”

Known for being one who doesn’t mince his words, Mbora said that men see women like that as “cheap” and “valueless”.

“I have a number of slay queens coming to my church for deliverance and prayer. They don’t feel loved and they lack a sense of belonging. Most women fall into the slay queen lifestyle not knowing the consequences that come with it.”

Mboro said that not all women were like that, however. Some were not after money or the slay queen lifestyle, he said. “Women are created in the image of God. They are special, not for sale. They are not sex objects.”

The pastor explained that he received pictures and WhatsApps from these slay queens crying and seeking help and prayer. “I pray for them privately because some of them are not comfortable to come out.”

“We pray for them so that they can pick up the pieces and move on.”

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Prayers for Kevin Hart as actor survives a horror car crash

Social media was flooded with prayers and well wishes on Monday after it emerged that Kevin Hart and two others were involved in a horror car crash in California on Sunday that left him with “major back injuries”.

According to CNN, Kevin Hart’s driver, Jared Black, was driving the star’s 1970 Plymouth Barracuda when he lost control and the vehicle veered off the road and rolled down an embankment, leaving two of the three people in the car trapped.

TMZ reported that the driver was “found pinned in his seat under the crushed roof”, along with a female passenger, and emergency services had to saw off the roof to free them.

Kevin apparently left the scene and went to his nearby residence to get medical attention before being taken to a medical facility for his injuries.

It is understood that the driver had not been drinking before the incident. He was also treated for his injuries. 

The news spread like wildfire on social media and soon timelines were filled with messages of support for the actor from celebs, fans and friends.

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Lady Zamar to Sjava – ‘Our country will rot because men create broken women’

Lady Zamar left tweeps to figure out for themselves what her response to Sjava about “men hurting women” was all about.

For those who don’t know what’s up, Sjava tweeted on Wednesday that “our generation” needs to unite and take action in tackling issues that cripple SA, otherwise the country will “rot”.

As is the norm with the Twitter streets, his fans weighed in, some in agreement and others not so much.

On Thursday evening, Lady Zamar’s jab at Sjava shut down the whole conversation.

In a tweet that has since been deleted, Lady Zamar said men were to blame. “No.. the reason our country will go to waste is coz most men aren’t willing to stand for anything or do what’s right..instead they do stuff that make our society rotten and create broken women all around them.”

Trust tweeps to come through with the screenshot:

Did Sjava break Lady Zamar’s heart?

The two surprised fans when they confirmed earlier this year that their two-year relationship had ended.

Even though they had been plagued by romance rumours for around two years, neither of them officially confirmed that they were an item. 

They both also didn’t give any details around their split. Shortly after breaking the news, Sjava took to Twitter to express what many perceived could have led to their break up. 

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