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Khelani Recognizes the NoChill God

Khelani responds to a live video with her and NoChill

Just hours after NoChill posted one of his famously known edited videos of him “speaking” to musician Khelani on a recorded live video explaining how things are going, and him needing a spani.

The musician responded in his twitter post questioning when all of this happened.

“I had to really think hard if this was real like when did this happen?” Khelani said on the comment.

We really can’t deny that NoChill is a God for real. Watch the video of Khelani and NoChillGod bellow.

NoChill started the video giving Khelani a new South African name Khensani which has been trending since the break of dawn. Twitter fans have since been throwing comments around.

These are just a few of the comments that tweeps have made on social media

The American musician didn’t stop there, she went as far as following the goat on his Twitter page.

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watch: Ramaphosa Does It Again

President Cyril Ramaphosa delivered his Freedom Day address via livestream informing us that Traditional Freedom Day celebrations will not be taking place this year with South Africans in confinement to curb the spread of COVID-19.

He then left us with an outro at the end of his speech, covering his face with his South African flagged scarf with a little bit of an awkward silence so to cover for the last address he made to the nation last week Thursday (23 April 2020). Lol we see you bab’Cryril.

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