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Watch: Zodwa wabantu stripping on her new car

Zodwa Wabantu is, without a doubt, one of South Africa’s most successful media personalities. The star who has been in the entertainment industry for less than 5 years has achieved many career highs in a short space of time.

The starlet was thrust into the spotlight when DJ Tira signed her under his stable, and since then, the media personality has successfully dabbled as an artist, reality star, and businesswoman.

A couple of days ago, Zodwa shared images of her brand new car. Taking to Instagram, she wrote in part, “I used my Brains, my Legs & Lots lots of Respect in the Industry,” Take a look at the post below:
Zodwa is not just about buying cars. The reality star is also investing inland. In 2018, she took to social media to reveal that she had been investing her hard-earned money in property. Watch the video below:

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Xolelwa on Generations’s new car

Mahlatse Letoka was thrust into superstardom when she bagged the role of Xolelwa on Generations – The Legacy, and since her stint on the show, she has been working hard on her craft.

After leaving the show that made her famous, Mahlatste has been keeping a low profile, and we can not wait to see her back on our screens.

It seems like life is suitable for the starlet, taking to Instagram, she shared snaps of her brand new car:

“Baby no. 2 😭😭😭😭😭😭🙏🏿 still overwhelmed and grateful 😭😭 can’t believe it. Naming her after my baby dog Jock who passed away 🐶 (swipe left to remember Jock ❤️). Thank You, Jesus,” she wrote in part.

Mahlatse is not the only star who just blessed herself with a new car, a couple of weeks ago, Nasty C bought a brand new Mercedes Benz. Taking to Instagram, the 22-year-old shared snaps of his whip:
Another star who also purchased a car is Bothlale Boikanyo. The 18-year-old actress took to social media to share snaps of her ride. Don’t recall? Take a look at the post below:

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I had tried my best to convince this beautiful girl called Karabo on Facebook to visit me but she always told me that she was very busy.Her profile pictures were always tempting and inviting and everything she posted on social media really turned me on in a way that I had never felt before. I decided to take it to another level using my past experiences. Hope you know what I mean. So at last I managed to get Karabo’s number and I called her immediately to confirm if it was really her. We talked for a long time and later I discovered that she was not living far from my kasi. I then said to myself, “this is a once in a lifetime opportunity”.

She promised to visit me the next Thursday. That was the longest Thursday I ever waited for in mylife. Thursday finally came and I called her around 7:30 AM just to confirm if she was indeed coming to my house. 

After she had confirmed that she was coming, I started putting everything in order. I was a bit nervous but excited, you know the excitement and fear you have when you are about to do something you have always planned. 

I bought expensive perfumes, new sheets, hand sanitizer, bathing salts for after, food and condoms. Around 9 PM she called to say she’s at the gate (Thank You WhatsApp Location). She was dressed very seductively in a tight body hugging black dress, with dashing red lipstick and a matching red bra peeping from the edges. I was more than happy after I saw how she was looking…..and my dear brothers and sisters…

See how you are serious reading this story? I wish you can learn how to read your Bible like this. 

In Romans 13:14 it reads “clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the desires of the flesh”. If it were a biblical message, you’d have stopped reading immediately. God bless you and enjoy the rest of your day 

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So Nelson Mandela was born in 1918 and Jacob Zuma was born in 1942,ok so..•

1918 + 1942= 3860

3860- 2016= 1844

Then Barack Obama was born in 1961..

1844-1961= -117

365 days- (-117)= 482

482/52 weeks= 9.27

9.27+ 7 days= 16.27

16.27-12 hours= 4.27

Lol nothing serious just wanted to waste your time.

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* If her cooking is bad , eat and be thankful for least she is trying to make you happy , she is taking care of you . Appreciate her little effort . Do not think she is trying to buy your love or something. Nah my friend , Your girlfriend is just caring for you.

* Do not think your girlfriend is a freak or a B**tch because she offers you her welele countless times. she is only giving it to you , do not feel comfortable in your thought and take it as she love a dicks . Trust me, they’re so many guys out there who got dicksons that are nicer than yours. So my brother , think !!

* Don’t ever take advantage of her because she is kind and sweet to you , do not confuse her kindness with stupidity and cheat on her. Only if you know , she is rejecting other guys out there and she is even bitter to them just because she already have you . Know that and respect her my friend!!

* Just because she is quiet about you flirting with other girls doesn’t mean that she is a dumb , Some ladies prefer being quiet just for the sake of relationship ..You might be thinking you are the ish and stuff but one day , it might not be today or next year but one day you’ll regret seeing her treated better by someone .

* God created Eve for Adam , not Adam for eve , what i mean is , your girlfriend is a blessing , You’ve been blessed as a man , So respect your girl , love your girl and let her know she is your only girl . My friend, You will never finish these girls , so if she loves you , love her , focus on her and forget about other girls.

* Do not think she is desperate for love or she is obsessed with you just because she always forgives you every time you mess up, you cheated on her once, twice , then thrice , and she still forgave you? , she is not a stupid my nigga, you are the stupid one here…She is just hoping that one day you’ll stop being a boy and you man up .

* Do not complain or shout to her when she is seeking for your attention, Yes she needs your attention because you are her man. Make time for your bae and do not ignore your bae. Shallow your pride and let bae have your attention. She is gonna annoy you too much and if you ain’t ready for that , then go date a rock that work annoy you !!

* When she shouts at you and sometimes ignore you, do not call it a quit my friend , why would you quit for someone who is caring. If she didn’t care, she wouldn’t be shouting at you . So go make sure you talk to her and never give up when she ignores you …Talk to her until she talks back…its your bae mooz

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Please bath!! , I will repeat this and I’ll be very loud ..PLEASE BATH !!.. Your welele should be bathed thoroughly. Do not be that kind of girl who takes off the penty and the whole room starts smelling diesel , are you a diesel mechanics ? , Aowa baptize the welele with some dove and take out the diesel …Lol we don’t want bo Miss Vin Diesel

If you are on your periods , Do not even think of going to your boyfriend’s place. Or if you want to go there , be sure that you are ready to suck his dick for fun . if not , just chill at home baby girl. Trust me , to chill with your partner doing nothing is boring and waste of time. At least giving him a blow job will make a different .
if you going to visit your boyfriend , make sure the outfit is on point , you know what I mean by that . Avoid wearing tight jean, skinny jean that takes 30 mins to take them off …. You can wear a Yoga / leggin if you feeling cold but no tight high waists jean . If you wear that when coming to visit me , I’ll cut it with a knife fam coz you’ll be wasting my time

Make sure the shoes you wearing doesn’t smell , even your socks . I know that going to visit your boyfriend doesn’t automatically mean you going to have sex , but what if it happens? . are you going to ride him with your smelling tomy’s on? . So check to avoid being SanamaTomyRider my sister
The Big purse you carry full of everything except money , hay ladies we understand that you put your make-up stuff in there , but you can’t be carrying a 250kg purse as if there’s a lil nigga in there. Aowa gerara here with your purse !! simple and carry a small purse …

Before you go visit your man , eat healthy. Avoid eating boiled eggs , beans and other foods that will make you fat all day long. Make sure the food you ate won’t cause you running stomach . Lol imagine having sex and the next time you kaak yourself . Nah fam kaak-sex is not needed at all . SanamaKaak is a no no !!

ligwafa a.k.a armpit batho ba modzimo , ei ei ei , Put some roll on please , that thing is dangerous . It can destroy your mood, ruin your day and destruct the spirit of hug. Before carrying that 250kg purse of yours and wearing those smelling tomy’s , smell the gwafa first, & make sure is not poisonous. Ladies daaidang it’s a turn off. Be a lady and smell Good!!

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