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Gorilla glue girl has cancer

Tessica Brown who most people know as the Gorilla Glue girl, After mistakenly applying Gorilla glue used for homeware, doctors discovered that she has lumps in her breasts.

Tessica’s manager, Gina Rodriguez, told TMZ that Tessica is getting a mommy makeover that includes which includes a boob lift/implants and some abdominal lipo.

A video of Tessica when she applied gorilla glue into her hair

Dr Micheal Obeng, the same doctor that helped tessica defeat her Gorilla Glue nightmare went on to examine her breast earlier this week, only to find out that unfortunately Tessica has a lump in each of her breasts.

According to a trusted source Tessica had a mammogram graph which erased doubts and confirmed that indeed there are masses present in her breasts. The has already had the masses removed and now they are being tested for cancer.

According to TMZ Tessica feels like  whatever’s happened with the Gorilla Glue Hiccup was supposed to happen.She is also grateful for Dr Obeng that he found the earlier.

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Bruno Mars’ Catfish Cheats a woman out of $100k

A woman in Texas lost $100K nightmare. The lady told the police she was fooled into forking over a fortune of her money to someone passing as the ‘24k magic’ hit maker Bruno Mars.

The alleged victim was 63-years of age when she told the police in Houston she had made an IG account in 2018, and connected with someone posing as Bruno Mars. She said that the person developed an online relationship with her and after sometime started asking for money.

She said that she did as the person who she thought was Bruno Mars asked. She cut a number of checks and went ahead and put them in the mail, as instructed – – one for $10k, and the second one for $90k.

Police say the money found its way into the bank account that belonged to a Chinwedu Azuonwu, a local man who was taken into custody on money laundering charges, along with a alleged accomplices, Basil Amadi, who’s similar charges. Both men were in court this week.

According to legal documents, acquired by TMZ,  two cashier’s checks were made cheques were written out to “Chi Autos” at the behest of the imposter, to cover “tour expenses” …that’s what he told the woman, she added that he said he was leaving the tour to come be with her.

Police told local news outlets they believe these men may be low – level crooks working for scammers overseas, and are hoping they cooperate to help uncover a potentially substantial criminal ring.

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Ami faku rumoured to be dead

This is a developing story that a 27 year old port Elizabeth, South African, singer, songwriter and performer Amanda faku has passed away, although no official statement concerning the presumed deceased cause of death is released yet.

Note: This post is a developing story about Ami Faku passing, we are yet to confirm the details from a press statement if one is released.

Beware Of Death Hoax

Before you start believing anyone is dead, it is very important to observe if any reliable media has published about the death, cause of death, and if family  of the person rumored to have died has issued statement on their death.

a lot of fake information especially death hoax are spread through online, and most of the death hoax are targeted at famous people.

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