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Wine, wildlife and a mystery bae? Inside Mihlali’s weekend getaway

Inside Mihlali’s safari getaway. 

Influencer and TL queen Mihlali Ndamase took us with her on a safari getaway on Instagram recently, while also getting tongues wagging over her mystery bae.

Mihlali is all about living her best life, with weekend getaways and trips to international destinations.

The star took to Instagram recently to show us her weekend away at the Simbambili Game Lodge in the Kruger National Park. The star is seen sipping at wine o’clock surrounded by elephants and the plains of SA on the ‘gram.

On a night drive, the star was stopped by a pride of lions who clearly wanted a snap with the social media queen.

Mihlali has always tried to keep her private life away from the spotlight, so fans were curious when she thanked her mystery man for the weekend away in her Instagram story.

“Thank you for the wonderful weekend away, my love,” said the star.

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Actress Zenande Mfenyana is enjoying being a new mom

‘I’m taking it one day a time with my body. One sit-up a day is better than no sit-ups at all’.

New mommy and actress Zenande Mfenyana took to her Instagram to make it clear she won’t be subscribing to the pop culture norm of new mothers being in a hurry to “snap back” into their pre-baby bodies.

“I’m taking it one day a time with my body.  I certainly will not put myself under unnecessary pressure for the snap back culture. One sit-up a day is better than no sit-ups at all,” Zenande said.

Recently actress Omuhle Gela shared similar sentiments, saying she planned to focus on enjoying being a new mom.

“I’ve been focused on fully healing and I refuse to succumb to the pressure of snapping back at the expense of my health. My focus now is my well-being, and my daughter’s,” the actress said.

Zenande has also been sharing snippets of her journey as a new mom on her Instagram stories. From sharing precious moments with her ballerina to working on sleep schedules, Zenande seems to be enjoying every moment of motherhood.  

Zenande was praised by her fans for keeping it real, and she doesn’t plan on ever stopping.

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DJ Maphorisa announces Scorpion Kings Live concert plans at level 1 lockdown

DJ Maphorisa has celebrated the change in lockdown regulations restricting concerts and events, announcing that his highly-anticipated Scorpion Kings Live show is back on!

The star had to put the show, which was set to take place at the Sun Arena in Pretoria on April 11, on ice when President Cyril Ramaphosa announced a hard lockdown and restrictions on travel and group gatherings, amid the coronavirus outbreak in March.

Ramaphosa announced the changes in restrictions to group gatherings when he addressed the nation on Wednesday on the government’s response to the pandemic.

Under level one of the lockdown, entertainment venues will be allowed to hold gatherings at 50% capacity, subject to social distancing and other health protocols.

The move was applauded by several musicians who over the past few weeks had demanded that government open up the entertainment industry.

DJ Maphorisa wasted no time in letting fans know that his concert would now go full steam ahead.

Sports presenter Robert Marawa made it clear that he was ready to party and said that Phori would lead the country into level one.

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Cassper plans to keep his son off social media

Cassper Nyovest on protecting his bundle of joy.

Rapper Cassper Nyovest and his bae Thobeka Majozi are on cloud nine after the birth of their first child.

The Tito Mboweni hitmaker took to social media late on Sunday evening to post a picture of himself dressed in medical scrubs and preparing for the birth, writing “Let’s f*cking go”.

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Let's fucking gooooo!!!!!! #AnyMinuteNow

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He told fans on Twitter that nothing could prepare him for the moment he saw his son, revealing that their little one had arrived and the couple had named him Khotso.

The rapper may be one of the most outspoken and public celebs in Mzansi, but he plans to keep his newborn son out of the spotlight and away from the “real life witches” on social media.

Cassper has told his fans he prefers to keep things private.

Responding to suggestions that he prays to keep his “jealous” enemies at bay, Cassper said that he wanted to protect his family from the evil of social media.

“Prayer has been my weapon! That’s why I won’t post my child on these platforms. Besides the millions that love us and want to share with us, we are also amongst real life witches and they prey on moments like these or people like us,” he said.

He added that he was careful to “never be caught off guard”.

Cassper has been fiercely protective of Thobeka ever since they started dating, trying his best to keep her out of the spotlight.

Weighing in on the hate he received for showing up to his bae’s baby shower last month in a tracksuit, Cassper said he wanted to keep his family away from all the “broken souls” on social media.

“(There are) too many broken souls on these apps. That’s why I keep my private life away. That’s why my private life is so good and healthy!” he added.

Speaking to Somizi on the star’s hit TV talk show Dinner at Somizi’s, Cassper said he wanted to teach his child to be respectful and God-fearing.

“Overall I think the most important thing I will teach my son is to love God; and secondly to be fearless and just go for your dreams. Just to add your stroke to the painting of the world,” he said.

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Boity launches perfume range at R1,500 a pop

Media personality Boity Thulo has joined US star Selena Gomez and local celeb Zodwa Wabantu by releasing a fragrance, with the perfume retailing for R1,500 a bottle.

The media personality took to her social media to announce her latest money move, and expressed her pride in the product called Boity Pink Sapphire.

“Thank you all so so so much for the love, support and kind words. I appreciate this so much. This is only the beginning!” she told fans after the launch.

In a statement, Boity explained what fans can expect from the perfume.

“It’s a powerful but elegant fragrance. The top notes you smell at first are the sugar, the fresh tangerine and wild marigold. After a few moments, you’ll smell the amber, jasmine, and French lavender and, finally, the heavier base notes of Ambroxan, moss and cedarwood bring that incredible depth — they balance out the sweeter notes perfectly. I just love it!”

Boity has expressed her gratitude for the support she’s received so far and said she’s very happy she gets to witness her family being proud of her moves.

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Moonchild showing off her booty has made some people assume she’s “brainless”

Moonchild Sanelly has lashed out against claims that she “lacks intellect” just because she’s body confident.  

She took to Twitter to slam those that want to equate her “lack” of clothing to a “lack of brains”.

“It’s amazing that by owning ur body and being confident society attaches confidence with lack of brains! But qhubekani both insecure males and not so confident females,” she said.

Moonchild added that it wasn’t just men who made the assumption, but women were just as guilty. While engaging with her followers, the musician also slammed the idea that a woman could only embrace her sexiness for a man. 

“According to society – women are only allowed to be ‘sexy’ for the entertainment of men. You may only dress ‘provocatively’, twerk and show your ass, talk about sex etc. when it is in the interest of men,” the tweet read.

The singer also added that she was disgusted that rapists even went as far as blaming the women for their “animalistic” acts.

“It’s ridiculous. I mean it’s sad because even a rapist will blame you for their animalistic act! Somehow they need to be shareholders of your body. Funny enough, even their idea of you won’t change their respect for you! So girl respect yourself,” she said.

What are your guys views?

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DJ Zinhle Joins the Airbnb business

Here’s a glimpse of DJ Zinhle’s newly opened Airbnb.

You could soon be staying over at a place designed by one of the continent’s biggest female entertainers, DJ Zinhle.

The star, who is mostly known for her interior decorating skills, has kitted out an apartment and joined the world of Airbnb.

She has been working on the project for a while now and took to social media on Tuesday to announce that the pad was now open for business.

“We are Airbnb ready! Finally done working on this project and I love the results,” she said. 

Zinhle added that the project had given her “so much joy” and thanked her friend Zak and colleagues at her home design and furniture brand Jiyane Atelier.

Speaking about the project earlier this month, the star admitted to having some challenges decorating the place because she was only able to buy everything online.

‘But it’s all coming together,” she reassured fans.

The apartment brings in black and white tiles with dark coloured furniture, fixtures and fittings. 

The main bedroom is decorated with a dark feature wall and white accents.

Take a look at some snaps from the place:

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Lasizwe has some daddy issues he wishes to heal from

Lasizwe opens up about the ‘anger’ he felt towards his father who ‘broke’ him.

Reality TV star Lasizwe has never been shy to put his “absent father” on blast in the past and this time he took to Twitter to reflect on how broken and angry he still is that his father wasn’t “truly” there for him.

The vlogger told his followers he wished they never had to experience the feeling of not feeling loved by their fathers. He explained that feeling that way has left him angry at his father.

“I pray you experience what it means to be loved by your father! I pray you don’t experience the level of brokenness and anger I have towards my father.”

He also expressed his desire to find healing of past emotional hurt he’s experienced at the hands of his father.

“I pray I find some healing because that man really tore my heart into pieces from a tender age!” he said.

The reality star has previously opened up about the issues he has with his father on his reality show Fake It Till You Make It

In one episode, Lasizwe went to therapy with his older sister Khanyi Mbau and mentioned that he did not see his father much when he was growing up. He said he was raised by a single mother with the help of his maternal family.

In a candid interview with Mac G, Khanyi explained that part of the reason she dated sugar daddies earlier in her life was because she has daddy issues.

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Zodwa Wabantu doesn’t think her Ben 10’s are using her

‘I wouldn’t say they use me, because I love them’ – Zodwa on dating younger men.

As her drama with Vusi Ngubane continues, Zodwa Wabantu has vehemently denied the suggestion that young men only date her so they can benefit from her money and fame.

The common trait Mzansi has seen with Zodwa’s Ben 10s is that she spends large amounts of money on them, and they become famous by association.

In a recent interview on Podcast and Chill, Mac G asked if she feels like they date her only to use her, but it was very clear that she doesn’t think so.

“I wouldn’t say they use me because I love them. I allow them to wear them sneakers, the T-shirts and the jeans from Dubai or wherever I travel to. The watches, the latest phones from Dubai and whatever.

“I buy those things for them, I choose to do that. The problem that ends our relationship is that they change and they want to be Chris Brown,” Zodwa told Mac G.

Zodwa says she’s loved worldwide for being herself, and she isn’t desperate for love, but she does loves attention and has found that young boys do better when it comes to that.

Responding to the criticism on Instagram, Zodwa wrote: “They (young men) go for me and if I like them I say yes.” She also advised that her critics should leave her alone, or go to the police if they have a problem with her.

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Is Alexandra Cane Black Coffee’s new bae?

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA - OCTOBER 02: Dj Black Coffee during the Music Is King media launch held at the Universal Studios in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Black Coffee and Alexandra Cane could possibly be an item.

A Twitter interaction between international music man, Black Coffee and former “Love Island” contestant Alexandra Cane has caused speculation that the duo is dating.

This comes after Alexandra, who took part in the fourth season of the UK’s “Love Island” and has 1.4 million Instagram followers tweeted a picture of herself and included Coffee in the caption.

The caption read: “Ready for a caffeine overdose @realblackcoffee”

Both Alexandra and Coffee are in Mykonos, Greece where the DJ is still on tour.

Coffee replied to the picture of Alexandra saying, “let’s go”, in Greek. 

Moments later, Alexandra replied with a cheeky emoji.

any social media users went on to speculate whether the duo was dating and many felt they were.

Last month it was reported that Enhle Mbali and Black Coffee are at loggerheads following reports that the actress is demanding over R4 million from him, while their divorce is put on hold.

According to reports, the seasoned actress and businesswoman is allegedly demanding that her soon-to-be ex-husband settle her legal fees which amount to about R4 million, plus monthly maintenance fee and child support of more than R100 000.

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