Affiliate marketing is one of the most powerful money-making strategies in the world however, most people in South Africa are not well informed about this program. How much you can make using affiliate marketing is dependent on how much effort you are willing to put. in this article, I am going to share my knowledge about this program, everything you need to know about making money using affiliate marketing and I will also share some of the companies/websites that you will need to sign up with to start making money.

How does affiliate marketing work?

Not to confuse anyone, I will start by giving you an example. Consider this example to understand. “When your friend tells you about a store that sells nice sneakers and they even give you a website for that store or even a location to that store, this is called “referral “, or “word of mouth ” and you go to that store to purchase a sneaker. You just got referred to go purchase, the only difference between this example and the actual affiliate marketing concept is that the friend who referred you didn’t get any commission from the store after referring you.

Affiliate marketing works the same way BUT in this case, the friend who referred you this time will get a commission if you purchase a sneaker using the link you got from them. How much is the commission differ from business to business, For example, MR Price can say they will give any affiliate 7% for every purchase made from the link given. If you share the link you got from MR Price with your unique ID to your followers and maybe 1 people buys something after clicking on your link directly, say they buy a skirt that cost R250.00 ( you will get 7% off that price), so you will get R175 (R250 x 7% = R175). Commissions differ, see photo below

SOURCE: Admarula portal

So, let me explain further how affiliate works using affiliate marketing language.

Advertisers are usually large companies that want to market their products or services. They create banner ads and text links. Website owners (YOU) show the advertisements on their pages in return for a commission.

You, as the website owner, register to be a publisher (I will share with you these publishers). You will receive a unique referral link and the code to insert in your website, blog. In most cases, all you need to do is copy and paste the code where you want it to appear on your website or blog/share the link with your followers.The company you are registered with will have a control panel where you can see all your earnings.  Depending on how popular of your website or blog is, you could earn a fair amount of money every month.

What do I need to start affiliate marketing?

  1. You will need a laptop, any laptop with internet access – For you to have full access to the program’s portal, you will need a laptop/computer or sometimes a tablet – Check @qstore_za on Instagram they have cheap laptops and computers
  2. A website – you will a website even though you know your traffic won’t be from the website, affiliate programs companies will need this when you sign up. You can create a website for free using or (i am using WordPress I just bought the domain – However, you can actually use your Social Media account links to sign up to have access to some affiliate program products
  3. Traffic or Followers – You will need people who will resonate with your links if you want to make money consistently. Once you get access to the brand’s links, you will have a whole variety of product links, so understand which product your followers or site visitors will likely click and convert.
  4. Discipline and Patience- Once you start with affiliate marketing, you should have the discipline to keep you going, as a starter, you will make few rands or sometimes nothing at all. it took me 4 years to start making proper money, but if you learn from my tips on this blog, it might take you few days to start making cash. Just make sure you subscribe to receive my updates. See the photo below. R24 000.00 (in March)

Companies that offer affiliate marketing programs in South Africa

The three big players in the South African market are OfferForgeAdMarula, and .


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