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“thanks so much for choosing me to be your mama”

Nicki Minaj took to Instagram, as she shared the first few pictures of her newborn son, and still leaving the public wondering what the actual name of the baby is, but she had nicknamed him “Papa Bear” in the latest posts.
Saturday, she shared the first few with the world:

In November, she shared an audio in a tweet, of her son making baby sounds.

The rapper shares the baby with her husband Kenneth Petty, as they introduce the baby’s face after 3 months to the world. Nicki Minaj shared the cutest video as well on Twitter of her son, which she included a text alongside the video titled “Best of 2020”.

Nicki previously gave fans a glimpse of her son in October, where she posted a picture of his foot. Fans went crazy, giving more wishes, and congratulating Nicki, while Petty and herself were celebrating their first wedding anniversary.

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