Its Up To You: People’s Opinions Don’t Matter.

Many different people offer their opinions about you and you should not care!

People will hate. They will be there to judge and criticize you. They always have. It literally does not matter what you do, whether you post a picture of yourself on social media, behave differently from them, how you dress, how you speak, how you address certain factors in this reality, they will have an opinion on every single thing. People will share their negativity, just to satisfy a need within them. They do not like to see you thrive and achieve things that they cannot, so instead they splash some negativity on a positive thing.

“Your opinion is not my reality.”- Steve Maraboli

We allow other’s opinions and perceptions to define us and control how we do things, but at the end of the day, that is just the role of society. The constant judgement and attacks, can be compared to an army of ants, seeking for something to feed off on. It’s a simple comparison but an effective one, that will enable you to give you a better image of how the masses baseless opinions is being thrown at you.

Opinions have no purpose, other than to hurt or harm you. Other’s opinions of you does not matter. They have no sense in the entire being that you are. They do not matter. It can be hard to not be triggered emotionally by hurtful opinions, but you a human being. You have emotions just as the person next to you or in your personal life.

Walk away from negative opinions and perceptions people have of you.

You would agree that it is easy to think that those opinions do not matter and that they do not define you, right? Yes, it is quite hard to put in practice.

Keep your head up high. Turn the other cheek. Do not give other the pleasure of insulting you. Do not allow their irrational energy shove you down a slippery slope and stir you into a hot boiling bowl of anger.

An rating scale of approval cannot define your self-worth. No matter what inconsistent, irrational trolls can say about you, it does not define your self-worth. They do not know what you have been through. Have they been in your life? Do they know your story? Their opinions do not matter. Trust yourself: You know yourself. There is not rating of approval in this broad universe that can determine how you should act, create or be yourself.

Opinions make you depressed and sombre. That is enough reason to never pay attention to other’s judgements and opinions about you. There is no doubt in the world that you would want to go around feeling melancholic. Do not try to please everyone with your decisions. People do not care about you! It is improbable to please someone with your decision, because no matter what decision you make in your life, someone is going to be upset and have an opinion on how you can change your direction on the decision you made and they will judge you effortlessly, on what you do for your career, social media, education, children, the places you go to or even who you associate yourself with.

If they speak about you behind your back, they your secret group of fans.

Do not cater for other people’s opinions. You do not have an additional pen and notebook for every single being out there to address their opinions of your decisions.

You only have one notebook and pen for your OWN views. Other’s opinions do not matter.

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