THe controversial prophet bushiri to reveal how he escaped.

The leader of Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) shepherd Bushiri said he will hand himself over to the authorities along with his wife Mary.

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Shepherd & Mary Bushiri

The controversial leader of ECG was arrested along with his wife on charges of money laundering and fraud. They had other charges of money laundering and fraud of which the trial was set to begin in 2021.

They stayed in Kgoshi Mampuru correctional service for days until they were given a bail of R200 000 each, however, their bail money has been revoked after they skipped the country to Malawi.

There is still no clear information on how the couple managed to skip the country as their travel documents are still with the South African police service (SAPS). Bushiri and wife Mary broke their bail conditions by leaving South Africa for Malawi, as their bail condition stated that they were only allowed to travel between Gauteng and North-West.

The Self-proclaimed prophet, however, said that he and his wife are innocent, they left South Africa due to security reasons. The Hawks are investigating how the couple managed to skip the country and the Department of Home affairs is under pressure as answers are needed from them.

Bushiri said that he will reveal how they managed to get out of South Africa and enter Malawi. A warrant of arrest has been issued for the Bushiris by the Pretoria Magistrates court as now they are considered to be fugitives and they are busy with the process of extradition.

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