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Cassper Nyovest took to Slikour’s couch to discuss his new album A.M.N(Any Minute Now), and both his professional and personal relationships. He opened up and answered questions that have been burning the masses, even answered the ones that the masses had no idea they wanted to know. The interview was trending at number two on Youtube and its views amounted to eighty thousand within seventy two hours of its release.

Cassper mentioned that AKA’s tweets where his rival(AKA)was swearing at his parents, referring to Cassper’s father as a “deadbeat father”, AKA went as far as insulting his manhood and sexuality. The CEO of Samsung branch in South Africa thought it was him posting the tweets after the news went viral. The elderly gentleman being unfamiliar with the social media space then saw swear words in Cassper’s name without understanding that AKA was coming at Cassper, But the misunderstanding was quickly resolved.

The Doc Shebeleza hit maker announced early last year that he had teamed with Samsung South Africa as their brand ambassador. The rapper’s deal was estimated to amount to R25 million. The tech giant were also the headline sponsor of Cassper Nyovest’s Fill Up Royal Bafokeng annual concert.

“I was just just on the phone with his manager about the date of the fight” Casper said referring to AKA’s manger.

He went on to press that the fight is not about promoting his album but it’s indeed a personal thing

“What I want to do is fight” Cassper said twenty minutes into the interview.

Cassper Nyovest threw shots at AKA’S boxing skills saying that the videos he shares on social media showing the public his training are not boxing. He even showed a nine seconds snippet of him boxing to Slikour comparing it to AKA’s. He equated the rival’s boxing skills to those of the South African actress and film-maker, Connie Ferguson, and even associated AKA’s boxing with the adjective “sexy”.

“Connie Ferguson does that stuff” Cassper took a hit at AKA’s boxing skills.

Eight minutes into the interview the award winning rapper admitted that he was confused, disappointed and hurt by the Ricky Rick situation. The effects of their beef went as far as hurting Cassper’s mother as she took Ricky Rick as son of her own.

During the crafting of his second album, Refiloe, Cassper admits he was battling with heavy depression and anxiety, and that album is by far the hardest body of work he has had to complete. The depression and anxiety induced feelings of suicide and caused a number of sleepless nights for the public figure which influenced the song 1 on 1 on his new album, where he first opened up and spoke about his suicidal thoughts.

For the rest of the interview Check out Slikours Youtube Channel at Slikour Onlife

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