Zondo Recusal Postponed. Will Jacob Zuma’s application for Zondo’s recusal be successful?

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Benjamin Gentles | December 2020 | Nochillinmzansi

On the state capture commission yesterday, 16th November 2020, former president Jacob Zuma and his lawyers continued to put pressure on the commission to have Deputy Chief Justice and Commissioner Judge Raymond Zondo to recuse himself. This week started off with a bang, as Judge Zondo himself delivered a statement in response to Jacob Zuma’s application for recusal, stating that “he and Zuma are not friends, although about more than 13 years ago, we have communicated to have a few meetings with each other, that he understood that we should draw a line in my relationship with him so as not to create a public perception that I relied on him as president to rise in my judicial career.”

Former president Jacob Zuma claims that Judge Raymond Zondo is ‘biased’ and ‘too conflicted’ to grill the former president. His legal counsel, advocate Muzi Sikhakhane told the Zondo commission yesterday that Jacob Zuma does not fear any findings that the commission may have come across. Sikhakhane, on Monday 16th November, argued that Deputy Chief Justice Judge Raymond Zondo should be recused, as Zondo’s remarks and comments towards the testifying witnesses at the state of commission inquiry were insensitive and clearly shown that in his perspective that the former president is indeed guilty.

Deputy Chief Justice Judge Raymond Zondo today, 17 November 2020, at 10:20 am decided that he will announce his judgement of the application tomorrow, 18 November 2020, on whether or not he will recuse himself from the proceedings, as applied for by the former president Jacob Zuma. It looks like the decision to step down from the proceedings bare a huge amount of weight on Judge Zondo.

Will he or will he not recuse himself?

The decision is yet to be made.

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