Zodwa Wabantu doesn’t think her Ben 10’s are using her

‘I wouldn’t say they use me, because I love them’ – Zodwa on dating younger men.

As her drama with Vusi Ngubane continues, Zodwa Wabantu has vehemently denied the suggestion that young men only date her so they can benefit from her money and fame.

The common trait Mzansi has seen with Zodwa’s Ben 10s is that she spends large amounts of money on them, and they become famous by association.

In a recent interview on Podcast and Chill, Mac G asked if she feels like they date her only to use her, but it was very clear that she doesn’t think so.

“I wouldn’t say they use me because I love them. I allow them to wear them sneakers, the T-shirts and the jeans from Dubai or wherever I travel to. The watches, the latest phones from Dubai and whatever.

“I buy those things for them, I choose to do that. The problem that ends our relationship is that they change and they want to be Chris Brown,” Zodwa told Mac G.

Zodwa says she’s loved worldwide for being herself, and she isn’t desperate for love, but she does loves attention and has found that young boys do better when it comes to that.

Responding to the criticism on Instagram, Zodwa wrote: “They (young men) go for me and if I like them I say yes.” She also advised that her critics should leave her alone, or go to the police if they have a problem with her.

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