Simphiwe Ngema has found love once more and it’s beautiful to see

Simphiwe Ngema. Picture: Instagram
Simz Ngema & other widows deserve joy as well.

In August 2017 Simz became a young widow after her husband, Dumi Masilela, was shot and killed in a botched hijacking.

We all watched Simz go through an unimaginable amount of pain caused by a tragedy so sudden and so brutal that the thought of healing and being restored seemed far-fetched.

We watched her grieve and go through a number of painful firsts.

First birthday without him, first anniversary, and all the other moments she didn’t have the strength to share.

I was happy to hear that Simz and her new boyfriend Tino Chinyani are expecting. The pregnancy reveal was done by both the love birds on a post on Instagram where Simphiwe “Simz”was in front of a bright yellow background with flowers around her and her baby bump visible.

Many others like myself are so happy to finally watch her glow, win, smile, find love, conceive a child and just be restored.

Simz deserves every bit of happiness the world has to offer. God knows she’s had her share of pain.

With that being said, from what I can tell, Tino has a lot of people to answer to if he even thinks about breaking her heart.

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