Boity sparks debate with Christianity comments

Twitter users confront Boity about a tweet from nine years ago, directed at AKA
‘The Bible is the epitome of patriarchy’ – Boity causes a stir on social media.
Source: Instagram

Actress Boity Thulo caused a stir on social media . his weekend with her thoughts on Christianity, sparking a fierce debate with actor Tumisho Masha.

The star has always been open about her views on religion and got tongues wagging again when she took to Twitter to claim that there was a lack of female voices in the Bible, which turned her away from the religion.

“You telling me that was a record of people’s holy encounters and they barely got 10 nyana women to talk about their moments with Jesus? Gurl, bye,” the star said.

She also claimed that the “Bible is the epitome of patriarchy”.

Her comments caused a Twitter typhoon and actress Makgotso M also weighed in on the conversation, saying the Bible should be read in context.

The singer, who underwent a journey to be a traditional healer several years ago, said Christianity had left her with more questions than answers.

Meanwhile, the debate among fans raged on, with some defending the star and others slamming her.

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3 thoughts on “Boity sparks debate with Christianity comments”

  1. Everyone is quick to defend the Bible when they’re not justifying why? Booty raised some valid points with the lack of female integration because it’s same in today’s society.. So why allow something that belittles females to thrive instead of question it and trying to understand why that is.. So sad Christians think so highly of themselves that they’re oblivious to the slightest of logical approach unless they choose to see it fit.. 😤

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